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This week was for . . . launching new client designs, sunsets over the ocean, massive burgers, watching the city lights from on top of a mountain, California “rain,” baking cakes, mid-year Thanksgiving, competitive games of Catch Phrase, and of course a new lipstick :)

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Also this week, Google has now made responsiveness an important part of how they rank sites. If your site design doesn’t adjust for a phone or tablet you could be missing out on lots of traffic. So if you’re panicked over finding a new theme, don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered >>>

Blog Love


This week was for . . . brunch dates & killing a major french toast craving, starting rehearsals for the student showcase at the studio (eight weeks to conquer four tricks I'm terrible at >_<), finally replacing my favorite mega scratched up READ MORE >>>

Blog Love


This week was for . . . massive bowls of ramen with tiny octopi, hanging with a few Detroit peeps, late night cheeseburgers...and daytime cheeseburgers, binge-watching One Tree Hill (still so cheesy and so good!), prepping Badass Babes stuff because READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday


I cannot believe it's already the first Friday of the month again! Did March disappear that fast for you too?? Well that's OK, because now I get to spend the day checking out all of your websites and helping you make them even more awesome one quick fix at READ MORE >>>