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It’s been a while since I’ve posted my work here (and a while since I’ve posted period – sheesh!), but the entire time I was working on Kayli’s site I was getting more and more excited to launch and share it. I love the color scheme, the bold clean design we came up with, and it helps that she’s got some killer services too.

About that unintentional posting hiatus…I’m working on a re-design of my own and re-working what I’m writing and offering here. A few changes to come, nothing too drastic, but I’m slow to blog right now as I’m figuring everything out.

For now I’m swooning over my week-old niece, sweating through six aerial classes a week (currently amazed at how big my thigh looks smooshing out from under my laptop O.O), getting excited to squeeeeze this guy, and binge-watching Carnivale. But I’ve got half a design mocked-up and my white board is covered in ideas, so I’ll get my rhythm back soon. If you miss me too much, I’m posting pretty regularly on Instagram >>>

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This week has been all about Badass Babes and aerial. I'm now taking five or six classes every week, which is beyond intense, but I can feel my arms and abs getting stronger every day. Plus I found a fantastic massage therapist to help keep my body in one piece while I punish it with pikes and pull-overs. I'm determined to nail a Russian ascent (climbing with just my hands, legs in a straddle) by the time I visit Detroit in September. I'm also running three hangouts a week talking blogging with the Babes. I'm so READ MORE >>>

5 things to nail down before hiring a blog designer

5 things to nail down before hiring a blog designer

So you've decided to hire a web designer to re-vamp your blog. You've picked the perfect person whose style encompasses exactly what you've been imagining and you've been emailing back and forth working out the details. Before you send them a deposit, here are five things to nail down, so you don't end up being one of the many people who've emailed me saying, "My designer!" (I'm happy to help of course, but I'd rather you not have to panic over your blog design in the first place!) A READ MORE >>>

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This week I'm finally feeling at home in SD and my apartment now looks like an apartment instead of a storage unit. The dog trainer came by last weekend and worked wonders on Slayer - my little stressed out barking dog is much quieter and sweeter now, which means less stress for me too. After pulling a muscle in my neck, I'm all healed and taking classes at the aerial studio five days a week. Sometimes I even have the energy for two classes in one day. Badass Babes registration is done and I'm super excited to get READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday

Fix-It Friiiiiday!! Between 8AM and 5PM EST post your blog/website link in the comments and I’ll reply with one tip for improvement. I’ll do my best to give each person a different suggestion so you can come back and use all of my tips to make your blog look shiny and new. I’m also happy to answer short questions like “Is the font I used for my post titles too difficult to read?” or “Should I make my photos bigger?” Questions that will take a longer explanation will be saved for coding & design posts. COMMENTS READ MORE >>>

Last day to register to join the Badass Babes!

Badass Babes Blog Club + Ecourse from

It's Thursday, which means it's the very last day to register and join us in the Badass Babes Blog Club or E-Course!! I've had some fantastic bloggers and business owners grab their spot over the past two weeks and I'm so excited to start working with them to grow their blogs. Registration won't open again for a few months, so if you're thinking of joining us you have until MIDNIGHT ET TONIGHT to claim your spot!!     If you’re ready to get serious about blogging, sign up now: this course is comprehensive, READ MORE >>>

The Badass Babes scholarship winners are…


Congrats to Xandra and Mariah - you're in!! I'll be in touch later today to get you set up in the Blog Club :) To all the rest of you - there's still time to grab your spot. Badass Babes registration closes TOMORROW at midnight ET and I'd love to have you join us. Visit the Babes site for more info and to sign-up! If you missed out on yesterdays hangout, guess what?? You can watch it below :) We talked about growing followers, analytics, social media, blog design and I answered a bunch of questions about the READ MORE >>>

When is it time to buy a domain?

How to know when you should buy a domain for your blog?

Allison said, Hello Sarah! I was wondering if you could help me with a blogging question. For the past few months, I've been toying with the decision to start a personal/music blog. I know free blogs that end in or something similar don't bring as much visitors or traffic or even publicity, but I'm hesitant to pay for a custom domain and hosting without knowing how successful my site will become. Is it better to start with a free domain until I get my blog running and see how things go? Or should I jump READ MORE >>>

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I've officially been a San Diego resident for one week now! I've had my butt kicked by three aerial classes, had an ass-kicking massage, eaten superb zucchini noodles with my bro and sis-in-law, found my way to Trader Joe's, gotten my apartment semi-organized, had two Skype dates with one of my favorites, walked Slayer all over my sunny little part of town, met Vanessa for cheeseburgers and a beach date, got schooled by the trainer of all dog trainers, and sent postcards back home! Starting to feel a little more settled READ MORE >>>

Starting a business? How far should you niche down?

In business, how far should you niche down?

Alyssa said, I am currently building my business and saving up to make my escape! Recently I have spent a lot of time working towards opening my own Etsy shop to create some passive income. One not so small task is still unfinished and the longer I wait the worse it gets! I have no idea what to call myself! I will be selling various wedding invitation designs and paper type item designs (think save the dates, table numbers, thank you cards, the list goes on and on!) for instant download that only require the READ MORE >>>