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A few weeks ago, Badass Babe Anais was in town and sent me a message asking, “Feel like stand up paddle boarding? I’ve never done it and would love to…”

To which I replied, “Oh man that sounds terrifying, but I could be conned into it!”

A response which took a couple minutes of me trying to decide if I reaaaally wanted to put myself in an anxiety-inducing situation. Yes, I can climb 30 feet in the air, wrap myself up in fabric, and then let go and drop. I can escape my lame day job, and I can move across the country all by myself, but the thought of being in water where I can’t see the bottom scares the shit out of me. Truth.

But, because I wanted to meet Anais and have an excuse to go to the beach, I decided I would just go for it. So I had one of those moments were I closed my eyes and replied ‘yes’ as fast as possible even as my body shuddered in rejection.

I reasoned with myself – if it was terrifying then I would paddle my ass back to shore and work on my tan. And if it was fun….

A few hours later I found myself standing on a board, paddling away from the beach, following Anais straight into the middle of the bay and…actually enjoying myself. I really didn’t think we’d go that far, but we parked out butts on our boards and started talking business, which sent us drifting waaaay far away from shore without us realizing.

And even still, it wasn’t terrifying or even slightly anxiety inducing. It was fucking FUN – little bit of work getting back to shore, but still fun!

If I’d let my mind wander to all the awful things that could have happened (ya know, like seaweed touching my feet! and getting my hair wet!) I would have never had that experience, made a new friend, or ended the day feeling pretty damn proud of myself. Plus – I got a blog post out of it too!

So, what have you said YES to and had an amazing time even though your mind was headed for panic and you reeeeally wanted to say no instead?


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