What do you NOT do?

Are you spending too much time responding to emails that aren't your idea client?? // XOSarah.com

We talk a lot about creating sales pages and promoting services and showing off all the awesome things you do, but in the name of time and sanity, it’s just as important to be clear about the things you don’t do too.

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When business starts picking up and emails are flying in, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not spending most of your time saying ‘Sorry, I don’t do that’ when you could be packing your schedule with amazing opportunities instead. Getting super specific about what you do and don’t do not only frees up time for you, but also helps people know right away whether you’re a good match and saves them time too.

And if you’re one of those people who feels bad turning someone down, defining the types of work you don’t provide can also keep you from getting sucked into projects you’re not entirely stoked about. I can design for Blogger and I can provide tech support for sites I didn’t develop, but I choose not to. If those types of services aren’t available from the start, you’ll never (or rarely) have to say no. Although I think it’s a good phrase to master anyway :)

Ways to nicely promote your don’ts

  • If you’re often asked for a certain type of work, you can head off emails with a quick note near your offerings that says something like: sorry, I’m not available to design for platforms outside of self-hosted WordPress.
  • Create a FAQ or a list of policies that’s linked on your services page (I even combined my FAQ page with my contact page to make sure it gets read)
  • Support other business by linking to their sites: For Blogger designs, I recommend  ______.

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