Make you and your biz more valuable with this 6-week plan

Increase the value of your biz or blog with the 6-Week School Yourself worksheets from

Last week we talked about upping your game to increase your salary and kill that myth that all self-employed people are scrounging for quarters every time they need a coffee fix.

Today I want to give you some help in making yourself a more valuable [ insert your kick-ass job title ] and I even whipped up a few worksheets to keep you on track!

One of my Badass Babes Chrystina recently shared how she worked to become a better portrait photographer by creating homework for herself and a goal to shoot a new portrait every week all summer long. She chose a new friend and a new location each week and kept notes on what worked and what didn’t. Read all about her process here >>>

It’s so easy to say we want to do something and work at it occasionally when we have a free minute, but giving yourself a goal and a deadline like you’re back in school is a much better way to follow through.

So, my challenge to you today is to follow Chrystina’s lead and create a 6-week plan for learning a new skill or improving on an old one that will allow you to increase your prices and make you more valuable to customers and clients. You could even get crazy and duplicate those worksheets for a 9 or 12-week plan!

Here are two ideas for using the worksheets

  • Repeat a skill six weeks in a row like Chrystina
  • Take a skill and break it down into six lessons, conquering a piece of the puzzle each week

You’ve got three months left this year, let’s start 2015 with a new skill and a new salary!

What are you going to school yourself on?

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Scholarship winner + 1 day left to join the Badass Babes!

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Thanks to everyone that entered! I loved reading about your goals and checking out all of your websites - hoping lots of you come hang out with me in the blog club + e-course even if you didn't win. Congratulations to...Jessica from!! I'll be in touch soon with instructions :) Hangout on Air Tuesday night I did a LIVE READ MORE >>>