Blog Love: the best of blogging and biz this week!


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This week was for . . . apartment hunting, massive cheeseburgers and California burritos, a shopping spree with Vanessa + finding jeans that actually fit(!!), a super fun Twitter chat, finally seeing Insurgent, joining two acts for the June showcase at the aerial studio, starting to prep for Badass Babes E-Course registration (opens in just over a week!), and learning a super crazy drop (yes, it’s as scary as it looks!).

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March #BadassBlogChat

Recap of the #badassblogchat Twitter chat

I had such a great time chatting with a bunch of badass bloggers tonight about staying motivated and making time to blog. Finding time in our busy schedules seems to be a challenge no matter what we blog about. Even I end up writing posts late at night a few times a month! If you missed the chat, never fear! I've got the complete transcript READ MORE >>>

The biggest mistake I made starting my freelance business

The biggest mistake I made when starting my freelance business from

Today I want to tell you a little story about a big mistake I made when I was just starting my freelance design business. I had the opportunity yesterday to do an interview with the truly super awesome Ashley Wilhite for her new program Cubicle to $10k. As part of this series she asked me to talk about making my first $10k and so I went back READ MORE >>>

Blog Love: the best of blogging and biz this week


This week was for . . . quickie dates at Starbucks, napping in parks, food truck rallys, black lipstick + black hats, buying even more lipstick, starting a redesign of my own site, the longest hair appointment ever, an idea-filled Badass Babes hangout (but aren't they all??), and finally getting hooked on House of Cards. The winter session of READ MORE >>>

Photoshop: How to use the healing brush tool

How to use the healing brush tool in Photoshop to edit blog images

Today I've got a quick Photoshop tutorial to help you zap zits and clean up your photos! If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I posted the same photo that I used in this week's Blog Love, but there were two small differences between the photos. You'll notice the orange cone and whatever that pink thing is are missing from READ MORE >>>

Mental cleanse + a reading list


I've been feeling off this week. I've been restless knowing I want to start another big project or create something new, but not sure what that should be. I've been working, but when my to-do list is done enough for the day I've been wandering mentally and physically. Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest to the store, around the block, to the READ MORE >>>

Blog Love: The best of blogging and biz this week


This week was for . . . heading back to class and finally nailing the end of this drop, Target runs with Vanessa, Fourth of July-themed bikinis, naps in parks, waffles for lunch, having the messiest apartment on earth, and playing on the studio's outdoor aerial rig. It's finally warming up and I cannot wait to add beach days to that list again! (I READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday wsg Caitlin Brehm


It's Fix-It Friday and I've got a special guest hanging out with me today! Caitlin Brehm of Coffee Rings & Scribbled Things is here to dish out some SEO tips for your blogs! Caitlin takes a holistic approach when it comes to SEO because solid content + appeasing the Google robots + social media are what make up SEO. She helps bloggers and READ MORE >>>

The big badass guide to ecommerce platforms

The big badass guide to ecommerce platforms from

Today's post is all about ecommerce platforms! As someone who sells digital products on multiple websites I know what a pain it can be trying to sort through all the options. The second you think you've found the perfect one, it's missing that one tiny feature that you NEED. So today I've asked a bunch of badass babe business owners to READ MORE >>>

Blog Love: The best of blogging and business every week


This week was almost entirely dedicated to late night rehearsals and performing in my first show here in SD! I got a spray tan for the first time and it made me feel like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. I've been taking it easy during the day, so I'm excited to get back on a more intense training schedule next week. Also really excited to eat a READ MORE >>>