Blog Love: the best of blogging and business this week


First up, can I gush over how pretty Vanessa made my feel with these pictures?? I've never gotten non-circus headshots before and it was so easy and fun shooting with her. I'm super glad she's starting to expand her big into photography and used me as a test model. Now I just have to decide which photo to use as my avatar! In addition to staring at photos of myself, I spent the majority of this week working on something awesome for all of you. It was going to be a quickie digital download and then I kept writing and writing and it got bigger and READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday


It's December, which means - the last Fix-It Friday of the year! Let's get that blog design in shape and looking good for 2015! Between 8AM and 5PM EST post your blog/website link in the comments and I’ll reply with one tip for improvement. I’ll do my best to give each person a different suggestion so you can come back and use all of my tips to READ MORE >>>

25 gift ideas for bloggers and biz ladies

Holiday gift guide: 25 gift ideas for the blogger in your life //

Alright bloggers today's post is not for you. It's actually for your significant other, mom/dad, bro/sis, best friend, and whoever else has you on their holiday shopping list. Every single thing on this list has been used and approved by me and will absolutely help you in your quest for internet domination! Selfie stick This is one of my READ MORE >>>

Blog Love


This week was for...starting one of the Real Housewives' books and actually loving it, lunch with Vanessa (fries with blue cheese and bacon - yes please!), spending all my money at Target, reviving an old project I'd half written in April (hoping to launch it next month!), mid-day naps due to insomnia (yay...), a super silly Badass Babes hangout, READ MORE >>>

Krystal made the Escape

Krystal shares how she left a job in the government to become a yoga therapist //

Today Krystal from The Luscious Life is here to share how she made the transition from scientist to a yoga therapist! Tell us about yourself, what you did pre-escape, and what you do now I am a reformed and recovering environmental scientist. I had been working for government on and off for years. Every few years I would need to at least try to READ MORE >>>

Blog Love


I have no idea where this week went! I think I spent most of it training and then on the couch recovering from aerial classes, watching RHONY, and stuffing my face to generate energy for the next class. Honestly, I'm writing this at 7pm on Saturday night and I could totally go to sleep right now. It's been an intense week folks! But I did manage to READ MORE >>>

How to choose a direction with a million ideas

Struggling to pick a direction for your blog or biz? Here's how to focus on one project when you have a million ideas //

Yesterday morning I sat on my couch staring at the wall, immobile. I stayed in that position for a good 10 minutes with intermittent breaks of guilt and Instagram checking. I had a laundry list of things to get done (including laundry) and the sheer weight of it all left me feeling paralyzed. Not one item on my to-do list stood out above the READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday


It's free blogging advice time!! Between 8AM and 5PM EST post your blog/website link in the comments and I’ll reply with one tip for improvement. I’ll do my best to give each person a different suggestion so you can come back and use all of my tips to make your blog look shiny and new. I’m also happy to answer short questions like “Is the READ MORE >>>

Embrace the waves


I've always been someone who has known where they are going, who has thrived on feeling purposeful and setting goals. I've worked almost non-stop (happily) for the past few years, but for the next two months, I won't have any raging deadlines or an overflowing inbox to keep me on track. And that is making me really fucking uncomfortable. Right READ MORE >>>

Blog Love


This week has been for...flying back to SD with my parents, shooting babes videos, 4.5 hours in the studio & feeling like I was run over by a truck the next day, waffles for dinner with Vanessa, a shopping spree with my mom, entertaining myself with my new iPhone and selfie stick, binge watching AHS Coven, wearing my witchiest outfit on READ MORE >>>