Follow your blogging bliss: Do what feels good

Follow your blogging bliss: Do what feels good and don't worry about the rest

It’s so easy, in a sea of Pinteresting and Tweeting and Facebooking businesses and bloggers, to feel overwhelmed, uneducated and lost FAST. Statistics whizzing by your head as you try to recall the right photo sizes and hashtags for each platform. Remembering to add value to opt-ins and post constantly, but only when you’ve got high quality content. Be an individual and stand out while still keeping up with trends. Tracking down the latest infographics on what to post and when to post and how to post it…is your heart racing a little yet? Feeling a cold sweat coming on? Don’t worry – I’ve been around the blogging block over and over for 17 years and I still have moments of panic thinking I just can’t keep up.

And so I’m here to tell you what I always tell myself in a moment of information overload.

You don’t have to keep up.

I know I talk about building a better blog and making sure posts are in order and your sidebar is clean and you’re hashtagging and interacting and adding value and SEO this and responsive that…but you don’t have to do everything. I don’t – I’ve given up Facebook, I don’t do Tumblr or Linkedin, I’ve skipped out on ads and sponsors, link parties and five days a week posting, and I’m over here straight chillin’.

I make things to help you get un-stuck or to keep you from tearing your hair out over that one damn piece of code that WILL NOT WORK. I tweet and Instagram and pin and write to help you make sense of all this internet and blogging stuff.

And sometimes I can’t figure out what to write or tweet or Instagram and I just give myself the day off and don’t worry about it because I know at some point (like now) the inspiration will show up and I’ll have something worthwhile to share.

And today that worthwhile thing is this – chill out, blogging is supposed to be fun! It’s not a race or a competition. Be inspired, be entertained, be connected. Get something out of it other than a load of stress. Learn the basics, figure out how everything works, and then do what FEELS GOOD. Do what makes you smile, what gets you excited, what’s FUN and don’t worry about the rest!

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This weekend was so busy I didn't have time to finish my Sunday post, so here it is a day late to help you procrastinate at work :) This week was for building routines for the student showcase, taking two more steps toward my next scary/exciting/scary goal (another big step is coming up this week and then I should be able to share!), pizza and tarot card reading re-dos with my girlfriends, family dinners, almost finishing a client site, and getting super close to launching a really cool new email series! The READ MORE >>>

Reader Questions: How to rock an aerial silks performance


Courtney said, Hi Sarah! I love love love your site! I have been doing aerial silks for about a month and a half. We are having a student showcase and I have decided to take the plunge and perform a routine in the silks instead of the knot. I learned my routine a few days ago and I still have yet to get through it. I have like 2 weeks to perfect this. I am super nervous but I know this is something I want to do. Any advice on how to push through the fear and frustration and rock this thing? Thanks for your question READ MORE >>>

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6 ways to treat your blog like a business

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This week was damn good. I got to see the amazing Kathleen Hanna live. If you haven't watched The Punk Singer I highly recommend it. She's still as kind, vibrant, and feminist as ever. Yes, she did stop the show mid-way through to have a trouble maker in the crowed kicked out and rocked a sparkly leotard and jazz shoes the whole time. I've been using the Brain Wave app for meditation this week - it uses sequences of binaural tones with ambient nature sounds to stimulate specific brainwave patterns like sleep, focus, READ MORE >>>

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5 fantastic ways to show off client testimonials

5 fantastic ways to show off client testimonials

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10 Mistakes new bloggers always make (and how to fix them)

10 Mistakes new bloggers always make (and how to fix them!)

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This week was lovely. Spent time with a bunch of girlfriends, watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, treated myself to flowers and one of my favorite desserts, had a late-night Mexican food date and a late-night comedy club date, got nerdy with my Badass Babes, and was able to make something really really cool happen for one of my best friends. My April is off to a good start - hope yours is too! 8 scientifically proven ways to maximize your mid-day break >>> Stop trying to READ MORE >>>