A small biz challenge: step up your game

One of the ‘making the escape’ questions I’m asked most often is – when do I know it’s time to leave my job. And while I’m all for being brave and having confidence in yourself, I think some people do make the leap too quickly.

Being a freelancer and small business owner is different than working for someone else. You need to do all the things, and you need to do them well.

I’ve seen it throughout my own niche (blog designers) and I’m sure it’s rampant in other industries too – biz owners who jump in the game just because they want the job.

I’m aware of this because I’m asked basic coding and design questions on a regular basis by bloggers who make income from design.

How to start a blogger meet-up in your city

How to start a blogger meet-up in your city // XOSarah.com

Today Badass Babe Chrystina is here to share how she connected with bloggers to start a meet-up in her city!   I’ve been blogging at Chrystina Noel for the past three years. It’s my little corner of the internet where I blog about staying in touch with people you love, focusing on greeting cards and hosting parties. I started this blog READ MORE >>>

Blogger networking that isn’t an energy-suck or salesy

How to network for your blog without feeling icky // XOSarah.com

During last week's Badass Babes hangout, the subject of networking for your blog came up. We were talking about connecting with people via social media in order to grow an online presence and immediately the babes responded with, "I don't want to sound inauthentic" and "I'm too introverted" and "I don't have the time & energy." So today READ MORE >>>

Blog Love


I've spent this week counting down the number of sleeps until I leave for a week in Detroit (two left!!). I'm excited for real fall weather and having a reason to wear my leather jacket. Although I guarantee I'll be complaining that I'm freeeeeezing after a couple days. I've got almost all my blog and Badass Babes content prepped & scheduled READ MORE >>>

Teresa made The Escape

Teresa shares how she left her corporate job to create a passion-based business // XOSarah.com

Today Teresa is here to share how she left her busy corporate job to slow down and create a business as a yoga teacher and empowerment coach. Tell us about yourself, what you did pre-escape, and what you do now Pre-escape, I worked for an advertising agency planning and buying media. I was young and the perks that it came with were fun...tickets READ MORE >>>

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This week was for...finally finishing Gone Girl, Skype dates, taking myself out to see The Maze Runner, coding client sites, five-hour days in the studio, shooting Badass Babes videos, and getting ready for a little vacation back to Detroit! Gonna share my tips for prepping blog content so you can actually vacation on your vacation next week READ MORE >>>

6 things to double check when a blog post goes viral

6 things to double check when a blog post goes viral from XOSarah.com

Every once in a while a post from deep in my archives suddenly brings in a ton of traffic. It happened last week when this post was shared by a popular pinner on Pinterest. So I took a few minutes to check it over and make sure it was lookin' good for all those brand new visitors. Anytime a post is linked by a popular source and goes viral, I READ MORE >>>

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This week has been a little crazy! At the very last minute I decided to join the aerial studio's teaching program and now I'm back to being a student for the first time in almost 8 years. There are binders and handouts and note taking and it is SO strange! Like a crazy person I'm now doubling the amount of time I'm spending in the studio and it READ MORE >>>