Verity made The Escape

Learn how one woman left the corporate world to build her own business in paradise

Today Verity Mace is here to share how she left the corporate world behind to build a business in paradise!

Tell us about yourself, what you did pre-escape, and what you do now

Pre-Escape (I love that word “escape” BTW!) I was a corporate business woman of sorts – a planning director in a large multinational advertising and media company in the United Arab Emirates. Now my fiancé and I operate two eco luxury villas “Ebb and Flow Jungalows” – we rent these out and offer a super personal service! I also have a small feel-good hands on travel company “360 Travel Sri Lanka” focused solely on Sri Lanka. On top of that I call myself a Fearlesss Adventurer and Coach and I work with people who also want to experiment and go on their own life adventures in exotic locations.

How long ago did you make the escape?

I made the escape in 2013 – last day of work Feb 28 and then had six amazing weeks in NZ drinking too much wine and eating too much cheese and then moved to south Sri Lanka in mid-April.

What roadblocks did you face when preparing to leave your job?

Phew! Good question

Guilt, my own – what will they do when I leave? When is the right/ethical time to hand in my resignation? Also fear – am I doing the right thing? Am I ready? Round and round in circles. And also the whole keeping secrets – not being able to tell people until you resign…just a trusted few. As I am more of a shout-from-the-rooftop kinda girl, this was difficult.

How did you know you were ready?

I am not sure you ever really feel “ready,” but there becomes this point when your threshold for the status quo becomes more and more limited. You get to the point where you feel inauthentic just doing what you are “supposed” to do and it becomes more and more unbearable! You realize all at once that this “supposed to” will be the rest of your life OR you can just jump into the unknown! (aka an adventure)

What is the best part of being your own boss?

I get to do my work when I want and where I want. Beach bars and quirky cafes are favourites. I also get to redesign my job description as much as I like which is great as I am learning so much so fast it needs to evolve with me!

TWEET THIS: Reasons why being the boss is best…”I get to redesign my job description as much as I like”

What challenges have come up?

One or two ;-)

Self doubt, trying to do it all and then feeling like a failure (erm I AM human). Saying no to people or opportunities when you are in a place of scarcity – often can be the case with a new biz, especially your first.

Learning to delegate, like no kidding delegating! Lack of feedback/encouragement – in a workplace you are around people, you get pats on the back and feedback and encouragement. I find that challenging at times and have had to be creative about seeking it out in other places. I am an EFTP type and I need and love my feedback!

What are your work days like now?

It depends – one day I might be welcoming guests to the Jungalows or checking out new hotels or cool things to do in the area for people visiting. Replying to inquiries – I am constantly searching for new ways to streamline the process as I would love to spend less time doing this! And also biz set up, learning new tools – fine tuning websites and being a part of lovely online communities that give a huge amount of value and support (at least 30 min – 1 hour a day!)

Any advice for those working to make the escape as well?

Don’t wait until you don’t feel any fear about making the escape – it won’t happen! I love a “Fear Truth” from the good ol’ self help book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: Truth 2 – the only way to get rid of a fear of doing something is to go out and do it.

Also get a coach or a mentor, or at the very least a crazy supportive, positive person that can be objective (i.e. not a friend or family member). They will give you accountability and support as well as constantly take you back to why you want to do what you want to do!

Finally, do not let your ego get in the way. If people are weird or doubt you or express concern for you that is THEIR stuff and not yours. Do not make stories up about it and certainly do not let it stop you from making an incredible, exciting grand escape ;-)

TWEET THIS: “If people doubt you or express concern that is THEIR stuff and not yours”

If you want to learn more about Verity and her biz, check out Ebb & Flow Jungalows and 360 Travel Sri Lanka!

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