My Year-Long Happiness Goal


I’ve been thinking about my year-long happiness goal – my plan to have a smile of my face and a song in my heart for at least 99 percent of the year. 99 percent seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But who wouldn’t want to be that happy? If you were happy 99 percent of the time, in a few years you’d be a glowing ball of positivity, lighting up others with just a glance and a smile.

I’ve made it through the first month with only a few hours of sadness during a night of self-made negativity. Plans got changed, I went out anyway and then drudging up old wounds, decided I’d rather be home in bed with my dog. But the next day I was over it and the happy was back.


I’ve started to make happiness part of my daily routine. Whenever I’m not a shiny, happy bubble of radiance, I look for something to turn on the positivity. I play with Slayer, make plans with a friend, put on music and sing my heart out, revel in the tiniest things to make sure my mood stays light.

I never leave work without a plan. Going out is easy, being around my friends means laughing and laughing means happy. Staying in is where I used to get in trouble.

Throughout my day I think about what will make me happy and content, whether it’s trying a new recipe, getting some chores out of the way, taking Slayer for a walk, reading a few chapters of a book, or watching a movie. I make goals and then I go home and accomplish them because I know accomplishing goals makes me happy.


Last night I made fried zucchini and udon noodles, watched three hours of Lost with Slayer and then finished my night with yoga and MCS on Jimmy Fallon. It was a perfect night in and everything I did made me happy.

I’ve also been working through bigger goals on the weekend. I attended a blogger meet-up and made a bunch of new girl friends, I went shopping with my sister, and I’m taking a class.


I know that only I can make my own happiness. Over the past year this has been proven to me time and time again. If you’re not part of my positive, awesome time then I’m just not going to keep you around. Family, friends, bloggers, it goes for everyone.

All of this stuff seems like a big giant DUH, right? It never occurred to me to be happy all the time because my mind would just remind me that bad stuff happens, so it’s impossible. But if I decide to take control of my happiness and adjust my attitude when life hands me a pile of shit then it is actually possible.

I’m just going to be crazy happy all the time. No question about it. Shiny, bright, happy, radiant, positive, full of fireworks and sparkles.

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  1. says

    Wandered over from 20sb (you were on my friends list!) and this is such a good post. You’re right in saying that only you can make your own happiness, and I wish you the absolute best on this goal. It’s certainly a great one to have!

    I’ll be stopping by again soon!

  2. says

    Sounds like you’ve been making good progress!

    It;s just struck me that I’ve made it through the most depressing month of the year with not that much negativitity and I’m amazed at myself!

    Oooh, and I’m attending my first blogger meet up this weekend – providing the weather doesn’t act up and not let me travel the four/five hours I need to do so!

  3. says

    I really love this post! I’ve been working on this myself and love your idea of having a plan before you get home so that you don’t end up just doing nothing.

    Good luck with the rest of the year!

  4. says

    I think that’s a great and impressive goal to have. I honestly am not sure I could do that although maybe now is the best time to try. Good luck with some an amazing goal.

  5. says

    i think this year is going to be full of happiness, not sure why, it just seems like everyone has a better outlook on everything after 2009 being sort of a rough year i suppose. so here’s to more awesome blogger times :)

  6. says

    Just like you, I’m happiest when I’m busy or doing something. When I’m idle, my brain starts to over-think and that’s when I get all melancholy & just want to curl up in bed. I find being creative helps release that tension. Just sketching or pushing myself to make something, anything helps. But the idea of having a positive mindset is a great tip.