Trapeze Boots, Lyra and a Very Big Purchase

This month has been big for aerial purchases. We ordered a lyra and a white silk to add to our two trapezes and four silks. I also finally threw down the cash for a pair of custom trapeze boots that I’ve been coveting for the past year.



I had to take 20 different measurements of my legs, calves, feet and ankles and they turned out so perfectly and well made. The point of trap boots is to protect your feet and legs from rope burn and some serious pain when you do things like this. And, ya know, they’re kinda hot looking.  I can’t wait to wear them for a show!

We also made another teeny tiny, itty bitty little purchase….


YEP! A free-standing aerial rig will be showing up on my doorstep today. I can guarantee that I will either cry or pee my pants from excitement when I get home from work and find it there. This is a serious game changer for us and will allow us to book a lot more shows and outdoor festivals because we won’t need a rigging point. Also, who doesn’t want to fly outside on sunny day…psst, spring, get here fast!

Just in case you were curious, my custom boots were made by Shannon McGuire and we buy all our aerial equipment from these guys because they pretty much completely rock.



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  1. says

    OMG does the rig really cost $2700?! It looks like so much fun though–even to a non-trapeze person like me haha.

    And those boots are HOT. Woo!

  2. says

    OMG! I love those boots – you’re right, pretty sexy! And that free-standing aerial is nuts. I love reading more about what you do because it is something about which I am totally ignorant.