Year in Review & My Goals for 2012

Promise’s post is a great reminder of the importance of evaluating the past year of work. What went well, what went horribly wrong and what needs to change. It works as much for businesses as it does for personal goals, so here’s how my year went and what I’m planning for 2012…


In 2011 I...designed a bunch of sites that I LOVED. Starting with a design deal was the perfect way to launch myself back into freelancing and now I’m picking up clients offline too. I’m a big homebody and always prefer email communication to face-to-face meetings, but local clients want to see the person they are sending money too. So I need to get better about building relationships in person.

2012 Goal: More face to face communication and building relationships with clients. Fresh portfolio design to start the new year.(I started this post a couple weeks ago, so I’ve already checked off a couple things!)

In 2011 I… built a buttload of premade templates. It was a great use for all those design ideas that never really fit a client, but I was disappointed I never made time to build WordPress templates.

2012 Goal: Build WordPress templates and produce two new templates each month

In 2011 I…started working on a blog design ebook. I’ve been adding to it here and there when the inspiration strikes, but have been sort of lazy about the writing process and frankly overwhelmed at the idea of all those pages and chapters, so it’s time to get myself on a writing schedule.

2012 Goal: Launch the ebook by the end of January. (There I said it, end of Jan…yikes!)

In 2011 I…joined The Weird Sisters Circus and manage to fall into a bunch of fantastic shows through friends of friends. We suddenly found ourselves smack in the middle of the local circus scene and welcomed with open arms. A lot of our performances seemed like a fantastic stroke of luck, so next year we need to up our game and land shows at bigger events. Plus we turned down a couple shows because they didn’t have a rigging point, so we’ve been saving our money for a 18.5 foot free-standing rig, which we’ll be able to use outdoors.

2012 Goal: Buy a free-standing rig to expand show possibilities & get our name out outside the circus community.

In 2011 I…doubled my readership on this little blog (thank you <33333), made a bunch of new blog friends, and been beyond inspired. I’ve gotten myself on a regular schedule and vowed to never post just to post. Now it’s time to hone my style. My blog is still a little scattered and if there’s one thing I love, it’s a well-curated blog. A little personal, a little business, a little design, a little style, and in my case, a little circus. I love when a post pops up in my reader and I know exactly who it’s from before even looking at the title…I want that.

2012 Goal: Pinpoint my style and post with focus and intention. A site makeover wouldn’t be a bad idea here either :)

In 2011 I…worked my ass off. Seriously. I put everything I had into these projects because working on them makes me truly happy. But every month or two I’d find myself feeling stressed by the sheer volume of work and found it increasingly difficult to slow down and take time off. There are always things to be done and I don’t mind staying in nights to work or practice because I love love love what I do, but I think it would be a big help for my sanity and relationships to learn to unplug and turn off my mind for a few hours a few nights a week.

2012 Goal: Find a way to balance between work and life and make it part of my weekly schedule

Now it’s your turn…did you do a year review? What will you be working toward in 2012?

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Cheers to you and dreaming big, sparkly, crazy dreams. See you in 2012!!


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