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A pretty Parisian kitchen >>>

Galaxy tee DIY from Treasures and Travels. Might have to try this on a pair of leggings >>>

Kelly made colorful chevron wall art >>>

Savannah posted a bunch of options for printing Instagram photos >>>

Amy took scissors to her jeans in a bold move of self-love >>>

Kathleen posted about Good Fucking Design Advice…all my nerdy friends will like this one :) >>>

My new favorite Pinterest board by Erin called, “You know how I feel about beards” ….I think we feel the same :) >>>

Beautiful trapeze photos shoot over water >>>

Linda posted a recipe for a bright green smoothie and a few tips for keeping it healthy >>>

It’s a bit dated, but this article on “skinny bashing” really resonated with me (been told to eat a cheeseburger MANY times) The comments are impressively constructive and well thought out as the response to articles like this generally turn into a clusterf*ck of mean comments and hurt feelings. The main argument being, why do we need to bash one body type to uplift another? >>>



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