How are you doing on your goals?


We’re two months into 2012, so this is the perfect time to check in on your goals, evaluate your progress and see if what you’re working toward is still something you have passion for.

I’ve started feeling a lot of pressure over the past month. Most of it I’m putting on myself by working 60+ hours a week., so I decided to give my vision board a little makeover to focus more on tracking results instead of pushing toward goals.

I erased six months of mini goals and instead, wrote my one big goal that I’ll need to hit to live completely on freelance work. Then I’ll be tracking progress on a monthly basis.

I’m already feeling a little more relaxed and optimistic. I know I still have to create more, sell more, teach more and perform more, but working my butt off to hit those numbers was wearing me out.

So how are things stacking up on your end?


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    right now i feel like i’m actually getting somewhere, but we’ll see how it pans out :) i need to keep up a steady pace with my etsy shop and get started on the new items i want to make (need a money fairy) and hopefully that will give me the boost i need in that direction.

    also trying to make a goal to quit that crappy company i’m writing for by the end of april-ish, because i will literally go insane if i am doing it much longer.

    when you get back i say we have a brainstorm sesh, i’d like to hear your goals/plan for freelance work and how you’re tackling it.

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    I’m progressing, but it’s causing me so much anxiety.

    Goal 1. Get a title change and a raise. My boss approved it, but now it has to go through many other people (I work at a university), some of which are making it really hard. I don’t know if it’ll happen, and it’s stressing me out because there’s nothing to do but wait.

    Goal 2. Grad school. Applied, accepted, paid. Anxious because I haven’t done “school” in about four years, and I forget how to write a paper and it’s a really aggressive program. April 2 is doomsday.

    Goal 3. Spend less money. Pretty good. Brought lunch from home for two months straight! This one is my most successful.

    So… progressing, but with more stress than I’d like. Ah, such is life.

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      My rule always is – if I can’t do anything about it, then I don’t worry. I can make a backup plan, but I stop myself from focusing on what someone else might or might not do. I literally yell at myself in my mind ‘NO!’ as soon as the thoughts creep in. Weird, but it works!

      Good luck and keep going! It will be so worth all the work :)

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    I used some of your tips near the beginning of the year (I’m a sucker for goals and resolutions) and I’ve definitely been getting some forward momentum.

    I’ve finally been designing and creating tea blends, which I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. And I’ve been more actively pursuing the field work and wildlife conservation that I did my degree in. So far I’ve just been struggling with finding the time between my day job and feeling pretty lazy after working there :)

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      That’s so good to hear! I’m always worn out after work too – I try to pick a night or two to work and intentionally give myself the other nights off.

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    sometimes i think i work hard to complete the goal itself and not enjoy the process and learning from the experience. i recently learned that it is ok to take a step back and rework your goals. i used to think they were set in stone but part of growing up is learning that nothing is black and white, or set in stone. great post!

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      Thanks Gaby! I find if I don’t stop and rework every couple months I end up getting to the end and resenting what I’m working on. Always have to remind myself to enjoy the process and learn from what I’m going through.