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Lots of inspiring links and tutorials this week. Sounds like the perfect way to get motivated and do something!

Dana posted a tutorial on taking quality product shots >>>

Sarah posted a tutorial for taking food photos >>>

Kathleen wrote about how to work with a printer >>>

Heather Dawn has a post series for small business owners that I’m finding quite helpful >>>

Women in Business has a guest post all about starting your own online retail shop >>>

Mandy posted a beautiful sunset in Detroit >>>

Not a blog, but something I’m stoked about anyway since I built their site and they’re kinda really awesome…The Company We Keep posted their first full song online >>>



  1. says

    This is exactly what I needed right now! I just started blogging about a month and a half ago, and I’m trying to brand myself so that when I can start my own business, I’ll have something to build off of. Thank you so much for the helpful links!

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