Circus in Sandusky




Recently we’ve started performing with a circus company called Bacchanal Promotions – we had our second corporate gig last night. I got my hair colored in the morning, picked up snacks at Trader Joe’s, packed up my make-up and costume before we drove to Sandusky to perform during a dinner for a food convention. Row after row of tables seating over 1000 people, multiple buffets and us swinging around right in the middle of it.

I love doing these little day trips where we drive a few hours away – we actually get time to hang out and talk about non-work stuff like dudes and sex. When we arrived at the venue we rigged our equipment (instead of playing at the water park which looked way more fun) and then Irina and I immediately passed out in the hotel room for an hour before we had to get ready. After a flurry of glitter,  rhinestones, fake lashes, braids and hairspray we did a little bed jumping and then headed down to the show.

Corporate shows are a lot different than the stage shows we usually do – people walk right up to you for a high five or to ask a question while you’re in the air.  There were also tons of kids asking for autographs and (literally) climbing on us. At one point I thought to myself, “Why is there a child laying on me?”

Last time we did a show like this we ended up performing to almost no music, so we were very happy to have a DJ playing what I refer to as “hot jams.” Makes it much easier to keep our energy up for hours at a time.

Our schedule is really filling up lately, which I’m so thankful for. We’re building a new triple hammock routine and working on a new badass apparatus for an upcoming show where we’ll be portraying the glowing alien queen triumvirate. My schedule over the next two weeks is going to be bananas with a full client load and rehearsals or a show every single night, but I get to work with so many fantastic, sweet, creative people I don’t mind it at all!


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    I just laughed picturing someone coming up to ask you a question while your flying through the air :) I love your costumes- seriously you are living the dream!