Squared Circle Revue

This was, hands down, the most fun show I’ve ever been a part of. Sometimes we a book show and after a week of rehearsals, I just want to go home after we perform and pass out. This was actually my plan for Squared Circle too – we performed at midnight, in the middle of the show, and I was going to head home right after. But as soon as I arrived at the venue that night I knew that was not going to happen.

Suqared Circle revue is a locally produced circus wrestling show. Last year the religious zealots won and took over hosting this year’s match. Rev. Allister Killfun’s son booked all the entertainment, including a troupe of flying nuns, The Sisters Weird. Little did he know, he was actually booking a gang of circus freaks more commonly known as The Weird Sisters Circus (that would be us, for any of you newcomers).

We began our routine in black and white habits performing to a beautiful song by Bach and halfway through, ripped off our nun gear to reveal clown noses and circus stripes and then rocked out to “Crazy Train” until Allister Jr. came to chase us off the stage.We ran circles around him in the ring and then head banged while he lay on the ground, defeated. It was SO MUCH FUN!

After we performed I parked myself in the crowd to watch a crazy caveman, brobots, a giant baby, drunken clowns, religious zealots, werewolves, and a one-legged wrestler named POGO battle for The Bible Belt. It was impressive and hilarious and completely bananas!












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  1. says

    I have to know, what Bach piece was it? I’m a classical musician, I love hearing about this kind of thing.

    Sounds like an awesomely fun show!