It Came from Planet B!



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Here are a few photos from the opening of It Came from Planet B! These are all from the end of the show when, after being abducted from the small town of  Springdale Hollow, all of the townspeople return glowing from the wonders of SCIENCE! We (The Weird Sisters) ended the show using our minds to control the dancers on the ground and then spinning on our spaceship (chandelyra) while the human harp played herself.

I suppose you’re all probably sitting there thinking “what the heck is a human harp??” Get ready to be grossed out…it’s a woman, surface pierced from her chest to her knees and then strung onto a harp. Very glad I was upside-down and spinning the whole time so I couldn’t see it!

Photos by the insanely talented Spilt Sugar and her husband Dave since, ya know, it’s hard to take pics of yourself while you’re on stage :) (Thanks Dave!!)



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  1. says

    SO FUN! So wild! I wish I could have been there. :D The human harp actually sounds awesome – than again, I like the “gross” stuff. Ever see someone with a back corset piercing? It’s gorgeous yet “creepy.” :P

  2. says

    Wow, your evening was infinitely more interesting than mine. Human harp sounds gross. I have a really weak stomach, thanks for not including more details!!

  3. says

    I am in total awe. I’d love to do what you do, if only I had the coordination and strength. AMAZING photography to capture the entire performance.