6 Weeks to a Better Blog: Shooting a DIY Project


I can’t believe we’re already in week 6! Just a few more posts left! We’ve talked about shooting outfit photos and today Dana is here from Wonder Forest with her tips on shooting a DIY project.

+ When photographing your DIY project, it’s important to show the little details. Snap photos every step of the way as you create. Show the viewer what you’re doing, and what it should look like as you’re doing it. You don’t have to necessarily use all of the photos in your final tutorial post, but it’s better to have too many than not enough!

+  If you have a nice camera, that always helps, but isn’t necessary. You can use a point and shoot and get nice results, just make sure that your area is well lit, and don’t use your flash!  Natural lighting is the best ;)

+ Use your hand! I say hand and not hands because one hand obviously has to control the camera if you’re not using a timer. Sometimes it can be difficult, but try to demonstrate what you’re doing with your hands. For example, in this second photo I am tracing a line with a pencil in my right hand.  I would normally snap the photo with that hand, but for the tutorial’s sake I awkwardly reached around and pressed the button with my left hand. Strange, yes, but without my hand there you wouldn’t know I was tracing anything. Alternatively I could have pretended I am left handed and stuck the pencil in that hand.

+ Finally, choose your photos wisely. No one needs to see 5 different photos of one DIY step. Just the important ones will do!

Thank you Dana!


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  1. says

    Excellent tips! I especially like your tip about including your hand in the photo – I always like it when DIYs include a personal touch like that.

    I would also suggest buying a remote for your camera – they can be found pretty cheaply on Amazon and really make it easier (especially if you’ve got a tripod) to take photos of yourself.

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