World Steampunk Expo








This weekend we performed at the World Steampunk Expo and it was so much fun! Every single person was dressed in their best Victorian time traveling outfits and carrying their crazy light-up, spinning inventions.

After we set up the rig, we wandered around the hotel taking photos of ourselves and making a bit of a scene. Our hand-made outfits were a hit and lots of people asked for photos even before we performed :) We’ve been in unitards a lot lately, so it was fun to be sexy and show a little skin.

The show was fantastic. We were set up in the back of the room, so after the last band the audience crowded around our rig to watch us perform. I love having everyone that close by, so we can actually see the audience and interact with them.

We took the lyra photos before the show since we were all performing and not able to take photos during. Luckily the people running everything shot video, so I should have something to share soon!


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    Oh my gosh, I was there! Your act was AMAZING! (My friend Alix (cute&delicious) just sent me this link.)

    I will have to send you ladies the photos I took of your performance at the Midnight Circus!

    BTW- This is the strangest question, but my sister and I LOVED the music you played during your act. Is there somewhere we could purchase a CD of your act music?

    • says

      So awesome – thank you!! We’d love to see photos, since we weren’t able to take out own this time.

      The music we used was all by Beats Antique. The songs were Roustabout, Nestavo, Caterpillar and Bornio.

  2. says

    Wow, World Steampunk Expo! I’d love to go there some day (sadly, I don’t even live in the USA)!
    Your outfits are lovely (and awesome)! And your make-up, too!