How I Spend a Design Work Day


Since I did a post about my typical circus work day, I thought I’d share how I spend a day when I’m mostly working on design stuff. Definitely not as exciting, but I enjoy it equally as much because it’s nice and quiet and I can stay in my own little space all day.

I woke up around 11 to a rainstorm and headed downstairs to let the piglet out and pour myself a big glass of orange juice. I parked myself on the couch to go through email and sent out two templates that were purchased over night.

Generally I stay in my pjs until 5-ish when Slayer is bouncing off the walls in need of a walk, but yesterday I got ready around noon for an aerial meeting at the local artist market. We’re collaborating with them on a show for a big art & music festival in Sept, so I headed over there for an hour to figure out logistical stuff.

After the meeting I walked Slayer and made myself a giant salad for lunch. Then it was back to the couch, with Food Fight on TV (def recommend), to send out design contracts, respond to email and work on mock-ups for two clients.

The sun finally came out around 5 and I took my computer outside to work on the deck for a few hours until my butt fell asleep and I decided it was time for dinner.

More emails, filled out an interview questionnaire for another Blogger, watched an episode of True Blood, went through my Google Readers and wrote this blog post until I checked the clock and realized it was midnight.

I could feel myself getting worn out and because I’m the boss I get to listen to my body and decide when I stop working. (Yes, what crazy things these freelancers come up with…listen to your body…bah!) A piece of caramel chocolate pie and another episode of True Blood and then off to bed.



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    Aw man, that sounds so nice! I’m technically on-call from 8-5 for some of my clients, so unfortunately I wake up around 630-7 every day. Ugh!
    Do you have problems logging off when you’re in the middle of things? I try my best to get off my computer at 5 every night, but it doesn’t always happen (I have trouble leaving emails unanswered).
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how many clients do you typically have at one time and how long does each project typically take? I think I spend “too long” with each client and give them too many revisions, so things take longer than I feel like they should.

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      That’s the nice thing about not having a set schedule, if I want to work until midnight I can and then I just take the next day off. I’m pretty good about getting the important stuff done and leaving less important things until next time I work.

      I usually book three clients at a time. Something like a Blogger design I try to finish in two weeks. I allow three rounds of revisions (it’s in my contract), but I haven’t had an instance yet where I need to remind the client of that. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

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    Sounds like a pretty good day to me! What do you use to make your templates? I can make certain aspects of the design part of my blog but I at a loss on how to design an ENTIRE template and have one large code for it!

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      I do all my designing for Blogger in the HTML editor. Then I can copy the entire code and save it as an XML file, which is the template. Hope that makes sense!

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    Love it! I don’t miss the days of working in a “real” job where they don’t care that your body is telling you you need a break. Ironically, I probably would’ve been more productive for them if I’d been allowed to work at my own pace!

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