Game Day



Last night as my sister was leaving the house she mentioned she was off to the Tigers game. It was a looking like a beautiful night, so I texted Nicole to see if she’d be my date. Can you believe she’d not only never been to a Tigers game, but she’s never been to a professional sporting event at all?! (For those of you in the same boat – get ye to a baseball game this summer!)

We headed downtown and bought cheap tickets, which actually turned out to be pretty good except for all the homers whizzing past our heads! I explained that people walk around selling beer, so you don’t even have to leave your seat and when she started singing take me out to the ball game I got all excited saying “Just wait for the seventh inning stretch, everyone sings!”

We got rained on a little and the Tigers lost, but she was totally sold on hanging out in the sun, watching cute butts and drinking, so I’m pretty sure I have a game day buddy from now on :)

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    • sillygrrl says

      Urban decay in Detroit…how novel. Now if only people would start photographing the brand new buildings practically next door to the abandoned ones.

  1. Allison says

    That sounds like a blast! The only game I ever ventured to was an FSU football game. It was cold and rainy and I got chased by a man who thought I was there to cheer on Duke…he was just a liiiiiiitle drunk.

  2. Gabriella says

    These photos are adorable! Looks like you had such a great time. I can’t wait to go to more baseball games this summer, they’re always such a great time.

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