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Last week Cheryl and I performed at an AIDS benefit. We did an hour of lyra and hammock and then devoured delicious food and took a bunch of silly photobooth pics. Her husband was nice enough to hang out and photograph us in the air. It was one of those shows that is just fun and easy – nothing too choreographed or dangerous, the audience wandering around, half watching, half chatting and drinking, and we can just play.


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    Love these photos. I would love to be an aerialist but I am not in great physical shape right now. I imagine it strengthens your core though!

    New reader by the way. Stumbled on the blog from a Google search. Love the design.

  2. says

    *Waking up at 9am to get my hair done – way to early for me!*

    definitely I am not a morning person too…but you have stunning hair….next time I’ll take your place if you want! :D may I ask if the curls are permanent or no? :D