Clean White Board // New Goals


This is how my white board last looked for the past two months. Completely blank. You may recall it was the site for my escape plan and every goal I’ve checked off for the past year. But now that I’m done working toward such a massive project, my new goals are focused inward. It feels a little strange to wake up to that empty board every morning, but it seems sort of strange to write down and check off more personal less quantifiable things.

All of these goals are part of my continuing effort to de-clutter and de-stress my life. There are far too many unnecessary, unpleasant things that I’ve just allow to be there. Like a pile of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor – I think about it every time I walk into the room – but never feel like making the effort to put it away. Now that my white board is empty, I have space in my life to work on a few small, but important things.

+ Have patience with Piglet, my friends and clients. Think of answering questions and small mistakes as part of an education instead of an annoyance. Take a breath and think for a moment about the other person’s point of view before responding with negativity.

+ Cook with recipes instead of throwing things together. I eat nachos for dinner far more than I’d like to admit and I would like to become a more skilled cook. I made this last night with locally grown tomatoes – it was easy and like eating a plate full of magic. (This also come from all the French books I’ve been reading)

+ Get out of the house more. If friends didn’t text me to go out, I would probably stay parked on the couch working all week. I’m trying to be more spontaneous and go out when there is something fun to do and stay home and work when there isn’t.

+ Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I have really taken advantage of the fact that I can get up and work whenever I like. I generally wander off to bed around 3am and wake up around noon though I would prefer to go to bed around 1am and get up around 9. (Especially since it was pointed out to me that come winter, waking up at noon only leaves me with a few hours of daylight.)

+ Take pleasure or inject pleasure into every minute of my life. Work outside instead of on the couch, walk piglet while the sun is shining, buy produce at the farmers market, do mostly things that make me happy.

+ And lastly, writing more thoughtful, true-to-me blog posts. Danielle touched on something I’ve been thinking about – how we sometimes share a watered down version of ourselves online – not too happy and not too sad – in order to avoid looking braggy or overly negative. I do have a level of professionalism I like to keep as this blog helps to build my business, but I also have lots of days where I’m deliriously happy or completely ready to give up and stay in bed for a week. So I’m going to try and open up a bit more.

Have you been working on any personal goals lately?


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    Just about every time I read your blog, I feel like you peeked into my brain and put it on paper… er… screen. Nice set of goals, they should be easy after your big-ass goal achievement! And I had Danielle’s post open in the next tab to read after yours. Nice

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    Danielle’s post really resonated with me, too. I think of how open and honest I used to be on my blog and wish I still had the guts to be that way at times.

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    i wish I was actually working on my personal goals these days, but lately I’ve been barely surviving at life and it’s killing me :(

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    Thank you so much for sharing the link to Danielle’s post! The thought of sharing a sometimes too filtered version of my emotions and life had crossed my mind before, but never in such a concious form.
    As for personal goals I’m working on de-cluttering my room at the moment, moving as many things as possible to my flatmate’s room (who’s away for some month) and putting them in again piece by piece, asking myself if I really need all those things (hopefully not).

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    Some of the bloggers I read have talked about having no goals (example: I’m curious what you think about that idea? It works really well for them, but I’m not sold that it can work for anybody. Example, those of us trying to get out of the corporate machine….we need a list of things we must accomplish before we can make the switch (as you well know!) So after re-reading some posts about no goals, I think I’m going to go home tonight and write up a list of goals to help me get where I want to be! haha

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    I haven’t been posting my goals on my blog lately, but I’ve got loads of business related ones this month… In July it was all about personal goals: go on vacation, relax, and stop working for a few days! But now that I’m back and both of my businesses are picking up, it seems like I just don’t have any time for myself!