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This has been one of the roughest, most stressful weeks I’ve had in a long time – hence the week sans blog content. With a giant Halloween show last night that I spent two weeks in rehearsals and building costume pieces for, dealing with multiple clients & contracts and having my computer dump ALL my files into the trash, which I then had to sort through and put back, I just about lost my mind.

The week finally turned around on Friday when Irina showed up to rehearsal with the coolest additions to our witch doctor costumes. The next morning I felt like a kid on Christmas and could not fall back asleep knowing Theatre Bizarre was just hours away.

I’ll post more about last nights epic party once a few more photos show up online, but to give you an idea of how bananas it was – I feel totally hungover today and I didn’t consume a drop of alcohol. Made it out of the house for cinnamon roll french toast and now I’m spending the rest of the day hanging with Piglet and napping :)

And now for the linkage…

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