The Weird Sisters as Witch Doctors

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This year for Theatre Bizarre we went a little crazy on the costume front, covering ourselves in fur and feathers and performing as witch doctors to Amon Tobin’s Proper Hoodidge. Irina gets credit for crafting our creepy skull-topped staffs. (yes that porcupine quill is going straight through her septum :)

Photos by Spilt Sugar and Red Riding Photography


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  1. Angel says

    Cultural appropriation, nice job! Privileged hipsters, like yourself, from the suburbs always do stuff like this. You only know about your privileged upbringing and easy way of life. College, job, money, house, clothes, food in your belly. Never been on food stamps, been underemployed, unemployed for long periods of time. You don’t know stigma, struggle, oppression. You are very ignorant.

    “The term witch doctor was coined by white people who observed shamans in African culture.

    Not only is this cultural appropriation, it’s a gross misinterpretation of African culture in general.”

    Read more here –