That time we performed at an NBA halftime show


Last night instead of passing out candy or dressing as a sexy nurse/kitten/cop, I was swinging from the rafters in a packed arena at the Pistons home opener. After being hit with a horrible cold on Thursday and then waking up on Monday realizing I still could not breathe through my nose at all (very important for things like climbing and flipping yourself all over the place) and had ZERO energy I was more than a little freaked out. We hired a fill-in aerialist to take my spot at rehearsal that night and I hightailed it to the doctor who loaded me with meds. By that night I was feeling a lot better and on Tuesday I was good to go!

The experience was totally bananas, fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking – but the second I started climbing all the nervousness completely went away. My parents even came out to the show – the last time they saw me perform was at a student showcase two years ago!

We found this random person’s video on YouTube. Thoroughly enjoying their commentary – especially when the entire audience lights up. They gave everyone radio-controlled wrist bands and when they all turned on I heard the entire audience go ‘whoooooooa!’

Posing like ravens???



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