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Happy Sunday! I’ve just wrapped up a week of eating and eating and shopping and working and watching bad TV and eating. I made a couple trips to Ikea for a new bookcase for the living room & have been hunting for an ottoman to replace my poorly designed coffee table. Once I actually manage to figure out how to put together & install the drawers (damn you Ikea) I’ll post some photos. I spent a few days at my parent’s house making cinnamon rolls from scratch and marveling at the wonder that is Honey Boo Boo (sketti and snot anyone?) . On Black Friday my circus girls and I shopped at the local artists market – I bought a few of my favorite candles and Cheryl found a sequined gown that will be transformed into a fantastically sparkly costume.

Always love Brigette’s work – pretty sure I wore every outfit in this punk rock print >>>

I started watching Satisfaction on Netflix and LOVE it, though I expect it to be cheesy and terrible from the description >>>

On the complete other end of the spectrum, we watched Brave on Thanksgiving and it was SO GOOD. Just the rendering of her hair is enough for me to love this movie. If you have any girls on your Christmas shopping list it would be a perfect gift >>>

This week I’m reading The Happiness Project (three years late to the party, but perfect timing in my life) >>>

Total nerd moment – I changed all the cover photos on my boards to match >>>

Bicycle taxidermy >>>

This ring needs to find its way onto my finger >>>

How much of a deposit should you ask for? (I ask for 50% up front to secure a space in my schedule) >>>

And finally…I love this quote from an interview with Cameron Moll (via Swiss Miss)

I’ve built my entire career on pushing myself to do things that I didn’t believe I could do. I pushed myself to learn this thing called web design and HTML and then later, CSS. I pushed myself to try to design a building with letters and numbers, which led to my letterpress posters. For me, you could define my career by that alone—pushing myself to do things that I didn’t think I could do or that I thought I had no qualifications to do, yet I found a way to make them happen.” – Cameron Moll


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