Adventures in Screen Printing




We spent an afternoon last week printing tons of tanks and tees. We ended up with about 50 shirts! While the lovely Miss Kristi did most of the printing, I did learn a few things.

The screen came from a kit, but instead of using an emulsion, Kristi cut the letters out of contact paper and attached it to the screen making sure to tape along any parts of the screen that weren’t covered. Then once we were done she just peeled it off, so we can use the screen over and over again. Magic!

After placing a fabric cutting board inside the shirt and lining up the screen (contact paper side down), Kristi used a spoon to spread a couple tablespoons of ink along the top of the image. Then she dragged the squeegee down the screen multiple times. You’ll have to practice your technique to make sure you’re coating the entire image – the bottom was most likely to be not fully inked.

We used a screen like this, a squeegee like this and this ink.

Also I have a little secret for finding cheap shirts if you’re going to be printing a lot…KOHLS. Clearance rack, nice shirts that are not stiff or square for two and three bucks. Double magic!


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