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This week has been busy busy busy. I’ve been working 12-14 hour days to finish all of my projects before I leave for San Diego next week. I’m determined to not take any work with me so I can spend all my time sight-seeing with my family and training at a big aerial studio out there. (which is only 11 mins from where we are staying. YAY!) Two more sites to launch and I’m finished!

On Wednesday we did a little duo lyra routine to music from Chicago. It was all sparkles and ruffles and fishnets and big curly hair. I can’t believe we’ve done 30 shows this year – that’s a lot of glitter and eyelash glue! (and bruises, my legs are sporting some attractive purple constellations today)

Today will be spent work, work, working while watching Sex and the City reruns. I just figured out that I can buy episodes through Amazon on my Roku and they are waaaay cheaper than that $200 box set I’ve been craving for years.

Big list of people’s favorite winter beauty products (and you could with a Clarisonic skin cleanser, but I just thought the list of products was awesome) >>>

These photos of cheap jeans vs. a higher priced pair are kind of astounding (via Gala Darling) >>>

I probably just watched this gif repeat an embarrassing number of times >>>

Boss Business Ladies: this article about Tavi and Ira Glass is a bit old, but still inspiring >>>  and I finally started watching Girls – Lena Dunham is one smart & funny lady >>>

Sarah wrote about juggling a blog, a freelance career and daily life >>>

Facebook image sizes made easy >>>

Totally Rad guide to shooting in manual >>>

This week I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s book (her new show is seriously funny too!) >>>

A beautiful piece on female friendship >>>

I want to go to here >>>

Make your own sweet & spicy body scrub >>>

LOVE these watercolor letterpress cards >>>

Crazy circus photo of the week: I love the shape of this one – if only I could bend in half like that! >>>



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    I love your black ring! I also love The Mindy Project and Girls. And 30 shows this year is so many! That’s more than one every other week.