2013 Goals


Since last year was all about conquering THE big goal, in 2013 I want to focus on balancing my two careers with the rest of my life. While I love what I do and am thankful and excited for ever opportunity, juggling two jobs when I’m the boss can be very stressful. In addition to being the designer and performer, I’m the accountant, tech support, the organizer, email responder, shop updater and a million other things. I want to figure out how to minimize the amount of stress and also work on dealing with it when it comes crashing into my life.

+ Stop worrying about what others are thinking or doing: I’m always reminding myself to focus on what makes ME happy and to stay in my bubble and love what I’m doing. A little Facebook cleanup was helpful in fixing this problem.

+ Finish all the decor details I’ve been thinking about: I spend a lot of time at home and there are a few things on my to-do list that are constant distractions, like the mismatched couch pillows that I want to recover and the bathroom, which is the only room I haven’t painted yet.

+ Get back to blogging five days a week (post suggestions welcome!): Since I left my corporate job and am no longer bored and chained to a cubicle all day, creating new content has falling to the wayside. I want to get back to posting regularly and create more in-depth content.

+ Find a hobby: I turned both my hobbies into jobs, which is a good and bad thing…I’ll be writing about this one next week.

+ Be deliriously happy with my life: My jobs are kind of awesome, I stumble upon brilliant opportunities all the time, I should be thrilled much more than I usually am. It’s time to work on that.

What are your goals / resolutions for the new year?


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    I might make myself sound like a grandma here, but have you thought of crocheting/knitting as a hobby? I find it incredibly therapeutic and second to reading it’s my favorite time-killer! The downside is that you end up with tons of cute hats, blankets, socks, but friends + family always (at least pretend to) appreciate those things!

    Happy 2013!

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    Hmm – hobbies. Are you wanting a crafty-hobby or a outdoors-hobby?

    If you have a smart phone, you might try geocaching. It’s a great way to get outside, explore the area, and be creative. I know there’s a free app for iPhone that allows you to try it, it just doesn’t let you record your finds or create new caches. The paid app’s $10 but that’s all you need to have a new hobby so it’s not too bad.

    You could try becoming involved in Renaissance fairs. It’s mostly a summer thing but you can make yourself garb over the winter months.

    You could take up making stained glass. It’s actually a lot of fun although it’s expensive to get you own equipment, and you tend to cut and burn yourself a lot. You should have a local shop that offers classes to try it out though.

    And yes – all of these are things I count among my hobbies. I live a weird life.

    Kate – crazylovelyme.com

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    This year I’m also focusing on finding happiness in myself. I plan to stay single and enjoy my time until I can manage to support myself, and be happy with myself. I have a list of new years resolutions. Not an overwhelming list of course. Many little things like stretching daily, along with a few big things like performing and fire hooping.
    You found success with your inner aerial ninja skills super fast. About a year ago I remember feeling like I should just give up hooping. That day I happen to read one of your posts, which inspired me to get my butt up and keep trying. I’m glad I stuck with it. Also glad I read your post! Haha.
    Turning a hobby into a job can be a good and bad thing. Good in the way you can have fun while working, bad because you’re now without an actual hobby. Here’s a few random ideas.
    For a physical summer hobby I even find fun is skateboarding. Long boards are also fun (and much easier). You can’t do as many tricks though. :/ Though it does feel awesome to just glide around, rather relaxing believe it or not. For an “any time” type hobby, knitting and crocheting are definitely relaxing once you get the hang of it. You can find hemp for super cheap on Etsy. Tons of creations can be made, and it’s the same repetitive (and relaxing) concept. Try going to the Library once a week, or month. Really search around for a good book. Once your done go back to return/check out another book. Honestly, you should think about writing a book yourself. You’ve accomplished so much in such little time!
    Hope I helped out a bit. Also hope you accomplish your 2013 goals. c:

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      I may hop on the single ladies bandwagon with you! A year focusing on myself and hanging out with friends sounds a lot less stressful than going on dates. I’m so glad to hear you’re still hooping – Mandy says you’re getting really good – you might want to check out the Fire Collective’s open practice nights :)