How to: Be more confident for that big interview or date // How to: Be more confident for that big interview or date

Have you ever had a big meeting, date, or interview and immediately started thinking of everything that will go wrong? All the questions you won’t have answers to? The flaws the other person might see? I have, and I’ve developed a little trick to combat the worry and the negative voices so I can be confident and get what I want.

Here’s what I do…

I’m lucky enough to have received incredibly complimentary emails from some of my lovely readers and lots of positive reviews from my clients. So, I put those into a folder in my Gmail along sweet messages from friends. Then when I need a reminder of all my badass qualities, I just read through a few and my confidence gets an instant boost.

Now I know a few of you are thinking, “Buuuut no one ever sends me nice emails!” So here’s my solution – if you don’t have any emails or cards to cheer you on, ask someone to write one for you. I’m sure your mom, brother, best friend or even your child would be happy to write you a little note extolling your virtues and best qualities.

Or better yet,write a mood-boosting note to someone else and you might just get one in return! Plus, the act of doing something nice for someone else will make you feel happy either way.

The positivity folder is also helpful after being scolded at work, having a fight with a friend or just an all around crummy day.

How do you get yourself pumped up for important events when you’re not feeling all that confident?

ALSO! Hello to all of you coming by from Yes & Yes (you might like my posts on accomplishing goals & working as a freelancer) and from Cathy Trails via Sometimes Sweet (you might like my Nerd Party postsI’m happy to answer your questions too) Lovely to meet you & I hope you come back soon :)



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    Hey that’s actually an awesome idea. Ask from other people’s opinions. It’s quite fair since they are from outsider’s perspective so if you get to have something really nice they must be really sincere. A great way to boost confidence (for a date) :) But if that is a job interview, I think the best way to get confident is be prepared!

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      Yes, preparation is definitely number one! But confidence is a huge part of the game as well. Interviews are all about selling yourself and a positive mood and confidence will go a long way to help land the job.

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    I love this idea! Positive words can have such a huge impact. I’ve been trying to email or message friends and acquaintances lately and send some positivity out into the universe, in hopes that some will make its way back to me :)

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    This is a wonderful idea! My family writes long, sweet notes in birthday cards, so I always save mine. I should probably put them in a more accessible place so I can pull them out on emotionally cloudy days.