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Banana pudding parfaits – I’m gonna need to make this asap >>>

Cute idea to give your girlfriends for Valentines Day >>>

How to give your puppy CPR >>>

Megan wrote about not giving into the blogging rat race and remembering your purpose >>>

Interview with fashion photography Lara Jade >>>

Clients from Hell quotes turned into posters >>>

Catalog your mood with this calendar >>>

Love Ciera’s color-coordinated business card post >>>

How to generate big interest in a new project >>>

If anyone is looking for circus-y striped tights, these are what we wear >>>

Loving this post on turning 30 and not having his certain milestones >>>

Listening to thunderstorms, sleet, snow – lovely when I’m inside working, not so much when I have to leave the house

Watching It’s All About Amy…I think I lost a few brain cells watching this show

Reading still working on Freedom this week




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