Blog Love // Pancakes

Things making me happy this week…pancakes w/chocolate protein powder & peanut butter, making up aerial moves where someone just holds me upside down by my ankle, Piglet doing everything possible to lay in an ever-moving patch of sun, the snow finally melting, all the comments on Fix-It Friday, taking a rigging workshop with a Cirque rigger, and a spontaneous dinner date with the beautiful Sitara Bird.

Career success tips from Revlon’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and EVP Julia Goldin (via Gala Darling) >>>

Katy has been writing about her travels all over the world to places including Australia, Malaysia and Cambodia >>> Our Dear Lady Expatriate is living abroad in Phnom Penh >>> and Hannah is currently backpacking through India >>> (brave, badass ladies if you ask me!)

What’s the dumbest thing you used to believe in? >>>

Moorea wrote about understanding how and why you use social media >>>

The Super Bowl is over but I still have a craving for dip >>>

Add some personality to your business >>>

Sarah paid off someone’s layaway plan >>>

Heather wrote about making the best of what you have while you’re working toward something else >>>

12 tricks for looking awesome on video >>>

What’s the best business advice you ever got? Answers from four entrepreneurs >>>

Stefanie is working on 28 days of change >>>

Loving this list of female entrepreneurs >>>

Listening the new Bad Religion album >>>

Reading The Artists Way >>>

Watching Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream >>>



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