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One of the most important things to do when working toward a goal is surround yourself with inspiration. Tack up photos of people with killer abs, subscribe to blogs of dedicated knitters, make plans with friends nurturing their own small businesses. No matter what you’re working on, having a daily reminder of where you’re headed can be hugely motivating.

I’ve been on a workout kick lately and have started following a bunch of women on Instagram who post exercises, recipes and yes, their killer abs. A few of my favorites are @sillysilje @karenakatrina @sitarabird @lululemon @fitqueenirene

Here are some other ideas for incorporating inspiration into your daily life:

+ Follow Pinterest boards dedicated to what you love

+ Subscribe to mailing lists for a daily dose of motivation delivered straight to your inbox

+ Magazine subscriptions

+ A weekly class or meet-up

+ A YouTube channel

+ Instagram hashtags – I love checking out #aerialist and #circuslife

Let’s hear what you’re working on and your three favorite sources of inspiration.

Who knows, maybe some of you are working toward the same goal.



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    My current goal is kind of big picture, but I’m working on my aerial skills all around. From cleaning up the simple moves to understanding more complicated moves. I tend to use my classes and the people in them as inspiration. I also like the tumblr Fuck Yeah Circus .

    Also, I’m working towards using up 2 giant bins of yarn. This one will take a while, but I’m using knitting magazines, blogs and a site called Ravelry for project ideas.

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      Your knitting projects are always so amazing to me – I can’t make anything that isn’t a rectangle haha And I second Meagen’s idea for yarn bombing!

  2. says

    Goal – House haul!! I’m planning a DIY decor renovation for my house. I feel like our whole house is the same brown color and I need to just bring it to life! My main inspiration I have is Pinterest … I mean seriously … what can you NOT find on there? Also, thrift stores and flea markets are a great palce to find great materials for DIY projects. Also, HGTV!!! I have a budget to do this project, so I’m going to be as frugal as possible. I hope to blog about my adventures as well, to help with my “get back to blogging” goal!!

    Lauren – do some yarn bombing!!!

    • says

      I love working on my house too! Next on my list is to redo the tile in front of the fireplace and HGTV has lead me to believe I can do it myself…yikes!