Submit a Question on Making the Escape // Submit a question on making the escape

I know I haven’t written much about making the escape since I left my corporate job nine months ago to become a full-time freelancing circus freak. It was my  focus for a long, long time and now that I’m on the other side I think about it less and therefore it shows up on my blog less. But, I know there are still lots of you out there working hard on your side hustle and dreaming of the day you’ll be able to quit and I want to make sure I’m still providing information and inspiration to help you do that.

So! I’m going to do a little Q & A session answering your questions on how to get started, how to figure out what your side hustle should be, how to stay organized, how to ignore family and friends who think it’s not such a good idea, how to know when it’s really time to leap, etc.

Leave your questions in the comments, send them via Twitter, Facebook it or email me and then next Wednesday I’ll be back with answers – I might even do a video!

OK – ask away!



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  1. says

    How did you determine how much you needed to make a month/year on your own?

    What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with since quitting your old job?

    Do you have resources or advice for things like health insurance, budgeting, etc?

    Did you save up money before quitting? How much (number of months worth)?

    How many different sources of income do you have or recommend?

    I was super-fortunate to have a boyfriend who supported me when I quit–and it was a BAD situation at my old job (as in, I should have sued them for harassment) so I quit without a plan, but the first few months before I started my webdesign business I would have starved on my own. I think you own a house (or did I make that up?) so I was wondering how you managed it!

  2. says

    How long did you train before making this leap? I am currently training and taking classes four days a week (about seven hours a week) in trapeze and silks. My trapeze skills are coming along rapidly, but silks are more humbling… While I LOVE my day job (I am so very fortunate), I would like to someday (soonish… is two years an unreasonable time frame?) perform.

  3. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Just a couple of questions how much time did you spend doing your circus stuff before you quit?
    Is there anything you had to cut down on either before or after you moved from your job?
    What was the most scary moment?
    Did you ever think it wouldn’t happen? & what did you do to make sure it did!

    Vikki x

  4. says

    Did you adjust your freelance rates when transitioning from part time freelance to full time?

    I’m currently in a position of being a full time freelancer a lot earlier than I was planning on (the company I worked for got bought) and I’m feeling like the rates I had in place are way too low now. I’ve always struggled on what to charge in general, if you have any resources and advice for pricing that would be great!

  5. says

    I think my big thing right now is trusting myself that if I make the leap to full-time freelancing that I won’t fall flat on my face and have to beg my boss for my job back. I know my personality is a go-getter one, but I still have these insecurities and fears. Did you face any of these thoughts? If so, how did you overcome the insecurities and face your fears of being your own boss? Thanks :)

  6. Alexandra says

    I have so many questions. Let me try phrase some.

    Where do you start? HOW do you start? Motivation?

    How to deal with nay-sayers? There’s literally not a single person that supports my choices. (Honestly. I’m not crying about it, but it gets to you.) I try my best not to listen and stick to my thing, but lately I feel like I’m beginning to agree with them.

    What if you’re unemployed (like I am — full time student though), if circumstances allow me not to have a job for just a bit longer, do I bother with securing an employment, or throw all my focus onto freelance? How do you know when you’re good enough?

    Savings? For big scary things, like flats and a year-two of life? Time management? That’s a scary one.

    Have you got any advice for a person who has a long way to go? For example, I want to perform, but I’m nowhere near doing it, and I live in a very small country with little opportunities and virtually no opportunities for what I want to do, and even no schools that would accept me at the ripe age of 28 (I tried).

    I’ve many more, but they’re in a jumble, luckily. :-) Thank you so much for doing this. This might sound a bit creepy, but I find you absolutely fascinating. Such focus and drive. I’d love to have that.

  7. says

    1) How do you go about setting rates? My freelancing projects won’t mainly be in web design but will include writing, editing, graphic design, and (some) web design. I know that I’m a good writer, but since I don’t really know what going rates are for things like this, I don’t know what’s reasonable to charge.

    2) Where did you find clients initially? Obviously now that you’re more established, people probably come to you a bit more, but in the beginning, how did you go about getting your clients?

    And most of my other questions have already been asked. :)