The Daily: Sleep, Sparkles and The Artist's Way




This week was for…performing twice in one week, a strained finger + bruised and fabric burned hips, working on a new design for Elysa over at GenPink (!!), lady dates that result in major ice cream food comas, trying to get my sleep schedule back on track (cute, snuggly puppy not helping), staying in and hiding from the bitter cold (what else is new??)

I’m finally putting time into reading The Artist’s Way. I stayed up an extra hour last night thinking I’d work through the first exercise. It sounded simple enough – write ‘I am a brilliant and prolific designer’ over and over and then listen to the voices in my head make their little snide comments about what a ridiculous notion that is. I figured it was just a small step into the book and I’d get into the intense stuff in a few chapters.

Well…pages and pages in my journal later I ended up with an enormous revelation, but not about being an artist or a designer or an aerialist. I managed to dig up a comment I’d unknowingly been making in my head since I was a CHILD that has affected the way I view myself and relationships. WHAT?! I don’t think I’ve ever had such an ah-hah moment in my entire life – it was shocking and relieving and now I’m determined (and slightly nervous) to work through every inch of that book to see what else it brings up.

So yeah, if you ever thought about picking up The Artist’s Way…DO IT.

Anybody else get knocked upside the head by that book?



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    I’ve read the first two or three chapters of The Artist’s Way numerous times but have never made it through the entire book. I have a goal set to finish it in the next two months! I’ve been using to help me manage my morning pages, which seems to help! Good luck on your journey! :)

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    I bought The Artist’s Way a couple years ago, but I haven’t really done much with it. I did the morning pages for a while and came up with some interesting revelations through those, but I haven’t even done that in a long time. Thanks for reminding me of this book again; I’ll have to dig it out of its hiding place! :)

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    I LOVE the Artist’s Way! Such a great book! And it can be read over & over ( whenever your life needs a tune up!) I always learn new things about myself just by re-reading. SO good!

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    Yes! I’ve done The Artist’s Way through twice now, and one of the sequels, Walking In This World, once as well. I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that it changed my life and my way of thinking and helped make me the happy person I am today. I’m planning to do it again once I’ve finished the enormous clearout that I’m doing at the moment.