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new red hat + nerd necklace

Happy Sunday! The sun is out, the birds are chirping and it’s still fucking freezing! I painted my nails bright orange yesterday, so if summer wanted show up soon that would be cool. I’m going to work for a bit and then I’m headed to the rents for dinner. My mom is going to teach me to cook chicken for the first time ever!

51 common cooking mistakes (via Alexandra) >>>

Must read for all of you artists who are unsure of how to price and when to work for cheap/free >>>

Simple triggers (I have a pull-up bar in my bedroom doorway for the same exact reason) >>>

Anna posted 73 things she learned at Alt Summit >>>

This is what 200 calories looks like (via Joanna) >>>

10 reasons why 2013 will by the year you quit your job – Count right now how many people can make a major decision that can ruin your life. (via Gala Darling) >>>

Loving this video of Stars by Grace Potter – fonts in outer space >>>


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