Fix-It Friday // Fix-It Friday

It’s that time of the month again! Comment with your blog/website link and I’ll reply with one quick fix!

Here’s how it works: Between 8AM and 8PM ET post your blog/website link in the comments and I’ll reply with one tip for improvement. I’ll do my best to give each person a different suggestion so you can come back and use all of my tips to make your blog look shiny and new.

I’m also happy to answer short questions like “Is the font I used for my post titles too difficult to read?” or “Should I make my photos bigger?” Questions that will take a longer explanation will be saved for Nerd Party posts.

Ready, set, go!




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      Hey Amber – I love the idea behind your header design, but ‘amber’ is a bit difficult to read. I’d make it smaller & less stretched and then align it to the right. I’d also make the ‘follow’ button into an icon and stick it with the ones above it.

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    I’m working on a site redesign, and I’ve chosen a great Google font for all my headers. (This is all on the backend right now, so not currently visible on my site.) But I’ve noticed the font doesn’t render on Firefox—neither on my personal Mac or my work PC. It just reverts to some weird, boring serif font. What’s up?! I’ve Googled the problem and it seems to be somewhat common, but there’s no obvious fix that I can find. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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    First of all, great blog!

    My question is the next: we just re-designed our blog, to more clean and strait lines. But I think something is missing. I think is to empty. And I wanted some personlized fonts but I just can’t get to put it on the blog!! If you have any tip, thank you a lot.

    Wish you a great weekend!


    Sofia G

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      Hi Sofia – Here’s a couple ideas for you – since your sidebars are fairly short, switch to a two-column layout with online one sidebar and make sure to edit your images so they are the width of your post column – 640px. You might also make the headings in your sidebar a bit bigger.

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      Cute design! My first thought – your navigation overpowers your header. Make that image at the top a little taller & change up the text so it doesn’t blend into the map so much. Then make your navigation links about half that size.

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    Such a great idea! Any way that I can fix how the subscribe button goes over two lines (ie how to get the ‘button’ to be on the same line as the email box)?

    Or any other suggestions.


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      Hey Michelle – You’ll need to add a larger margin (maybe 2px) to the left side of the subscribe box and maybe make it slightly bigger. If you have no clue how to do that, don’t worry, I’m going to post a tutorial on how to use the Firefox web developer tool next week :)

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      Love your design – nice and simple, but what’s your archive doing over there on the right side all alone? Switch your layout to have two columns and move everything into the left sidebar. Also – I think a archive list looks better than Blogger’s boring drop-down menus.

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      This is one I’m recommending a lot today, but if your sidebars are short, combine them into one. And why not make your header just the photo w/out the gray bar? Change the text to white and you can always darken the bottom of the photo slightly to make it easier to read.

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    Thanks so much for doing this again! I’m really new to blogging, but I’ve been using so many of your tips already. I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m still experimenting with a posting schedule, but I promise I’m trying to focus more!

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      I really like the cleanness of your design. I’d love to see it without the gradient bar on the sidebar headers & post footer. And maybe try a more stylized font for the sidebar headers as well.

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      Hey Paola – Since your design is so clean you can get a little creative with the blog title. Also, it looks like you have an extra column you just a bunch of extra space to the left – see if you can shift everything over.

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    You designed my site, but I’d love to get your input after I’ve added to it, etc.

    Also, why does HTML code appear in the description when I Google myself? Yes, I Googled my blog.

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      Hey Kristin – What an incredibly beautiful design you have ;) ;) Google is picking up the code from your blog button box because it’s the first text it comes across. You can fix this two ways – by added a little blog into text to the top of that sidebar or by adding an SEO plugin like All in One SEO Pack where you can tell it exactly what text Google should use.

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      Hey Shannon – Your design is looking great, so I’ve just got a couple super picky suggestions for you. The background pattern has a seam – if you aren’t sure how to fix that, I’ve got a tutorial coming up soon :) And see if you can remove the shadow from your images – it will clean up your design even more.

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      Love your design! Couple small things – switch to two columns & move everything to one sidebar. You’re photo is looking a little lonely over there. Also, you might think about removing the navigation (add those items into the sidebar) or adding a few category links.

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    I recently changed the layout of my site to something super simple. I like it, but I’ve been staring at it so long that I am probably overlooking some changes that could be made. I’d appreciate your input! Thank you! :]

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      Looks good! I’d move everything into the left sidebar, get right of the right one and make your post column wider. Also add a little blog intro to tell everyone what your site is about.

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    Thank you so much for offering this! I am diy-ing with free resources & thesis, and I’m nervous my blog design shows it.
    It’s really helpful to read through your advice to others and see their designs too. :)

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      Cute design & color palette! Looks a little cluttered with all the boxes, so try moving your post date into the comments box or removing the colored background on one of the boxes. Also, you can do without the orange box on the sidebar titles – when in doubt, keep it clean. Nice job!

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    What a fab idea!!!!
    I would die to have some buttons or something but I am so clueless. I try and follow your tutorials, but they never work for me! UGH!!!!


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    Thank you Sarah. Unfortunately (as you are already aware), I’m not tech savy and can’t figure out how to make your suggestions work:(

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      You can add text to the top of your sidebar by going to appearance > widgets and inserting a text box. You can add a plugin by going to plugins > add new plugin and searching for ‘all in one seo pack’

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    Ha! That stinks! I totally made sure to not miss Fix it Friday LAST friday, and since it there wasn’t one, I thought you weren’t doing them. Anyways, I hope you give me a tip on mine if you have time! Been a long time follower of this blog ;)

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      Hey Lynet – Your site is looking really good, so I only have two small notes. Remove the Blogger navbar at the top (unless you use it all the time) by going into layout and finding the navbar box. And second, choose three colors to use on your blog – when I first open your site I see two greens, blue, pink, yellow and orange.

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    I know you looked at my blog layout before… I have a specific question as I was hoping to update my look a little bit. Do you think it would be wise to switch to a 2 column layout and give the main column a little bit more real estate? I’ve been going back and forth between 2 and 3 column layouts and don’t know that works better for my blog. Thanks! :)

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      Hey San – Thanks for sharing my post :) I think you could definitely move everything into one sidebar since you only have a couple items in the additional one.

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    Hi! I’m not sure of time zones but I hope I’m in time! I’d love one little tip on how I can improve my blog please :-) (this is a great idea by the way!)

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      Hey Sian – Your site is looking great! I’d recommend moving things around a bit to clean up the top and make your blog title stand out. You can move the blog intro under your photo and then make the logo bigger. Also, think about taking out ‘latest entries’ and ‘this is me’ – I think visitors will probably figure it out w/out the labels.

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      First off – that spinach artichoke sandwich looks SO GOOD! And also, so does your design :) Two thoughts – make Calico Tales a bit bigger and the sidebar titles bigger (or the icons smaller) as well.

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    Not sure if my last comment actually sent but would love love love to get your advice on my blog, I’ve been blogging for a while but only just starting to post more regularly, I’m really enjoying it! :-) I love your blog, such a wealth of advice in these comments too, will have to take a good look at all these lovely blogs when I get a minute!
    Sian xx

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      Hey Diana – I really love the ‘designs by diana’ logo – if you have a bigger version I’d actually make that the main image and have ‘bloggings of a crafty girl’ written underneath. Also stick with the lighter green – it goes really well with the pink and blue.

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    Hi Sarah. I think I’m still within the time frame, but I’m writing from London so please feel free to ignore if I’ve missed it! I only found your blog quite recently but have already recommended it to a friend (who has a marketing/web based job, does trapeze classes and dreams of leaving her job to become a yoga instructor!). Would appreciate any feedback you can give me on my blog. Thanks! Jess

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      Hey Jess – Thanks for sharing my blog :) Your design is looking good! I’d recommend removing the blogger navbar at the top and making your post titles a bit smaller so they always fit on one line.

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    Oh I’m hoping this works and I properly leave a comment (this is like the eighth time I’ve tried to leave you a comment, somehow it never works for me), because I’d love your feedback on my blog! Thanks in advance! *fingers crossed

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      Hey Marci – I’m about to launch a redesign so hopefully the comments will work better for you! I love your background, but test putting white behind your blog so the background only shows on the sides. Also, see if you can switch the generic blue link color to the teal you use throughout the design.

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      It worked! I’d recommend switching out the ahka vintage box to a graphic that is a circle instead of most of a circle. And on the blog page, move the navigation all the way to the right so it doesn’t cover the photo.

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      Hey Renee! It is a rare occurrence, but I have absolutely no recommendations for you. I looked through your entire site and its clean, organized, and the design is consistent.

      Only one thought since your site looks so good…I have no idea how well your ads are working – if they’re working great, then ignore this – but you might consider working directly with beauty brands or an ad network to choose ads more related to your content. But like I said, if your current ads are rocking then you’re good to go!