How to Maximize Your Sponsorship // Maximize your blog sponsorship

If you haven’t noticed already, the blog got a little redesign this weekend. The more I looked at the old design the more antsy I got for something new. So I spent the weekend rebuilding the template to make it even more clean, simple and feature the categories I write about the most. Along with the redesign I’ve also updated the sponsorship page.

I was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s TEDTalk about, among other things, letting people pay vs making them pay.

She was referring to selling music, but it got my brain spinning on how I could apply that principle to the blog. Passion Fruit doesn’t currently have a pay-what-you-like option, so I decided to create a cheapy-cheap $5 sponsor spot for those of you that love & use my tutorials and just want to leave a little tip. I’ve also expanded the number of ads, so I moved them all into their own sidebar and included one large featured spot at the top if you’re looking for more exposure.

Once you’ve purchased an ad spot on mine or any other blog, there are a few things to keep in mind to maximize that little ad…

Review the numbers: When sponsoring a blog I don’t just look at how many page views they have. I check how invested their readers are by looking at the number of comments and how many Twitter & Facebook followers they have. A smaller blog with more engaged readers might earn you more new followers than a large blog with tons of drive-by traffic.

Keep your site updated: The owner of the blog you’re sponsoring is probably going to take a peek at your site from time to time to see if you have any cool posts to share. Have you noticed that text links within a post get more clicks than a sidebar ad? Make sure to create enough content to not only give your that sponsored blog something to share, but put your best foot forward for all those potential new readers. Nothing worse than getting excited about a cool looking ad, only to click-through and see they haven’t updated in a week.

Track your clicks: Don’t sponsor blindly – keep a tally of how many clicks your ad is generating to make sure you’re investing wisely. You can use to create a short link instead of linking your ad directly to your blog and it will track clicks automatically.

Make your ad stand out: Photos and colored backgrounds work best. If you’re set on white, add a border so if doesn’t blend in to an all-white blog.

Guest posts and giveaways: This is a great way to have all the attention focused on your blog/shop and it will likely generate more clicks than your ad or in-copy links.


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    So true! I, for one, don’t do sponsors of my blog anymore, as I’m feeling that it’s taking away from my passion for blogging. I have some links on the side for those sample sale sites, but that’s really just to take up space and maybe make a little money. All the other ads on my sites are through affiliate programs that I’m a part of. I’m definitely going to be watching more TED talks now, this one was great!

    Much love,

    • says

      I tried sponsorships before and this time I made sure to find a way to add in sponsors that didn’t take up an enormous amount of time. Sponsor posts and constant promotion wasn’t working for me. I’ve found it’s better to focus on creating quality content, which grows my readership and gets them more clicks.

  2. says

    Love the redesign! Simple, striking and effective. I’ve been thinking about a redesign to my own blog…. someday :) Good advice for the ads, I’ve been contemplating sponsoring my favorite blog and yours is definitely top of the list. You have great and useful content constantly! It’s so refreshing among a sea of generic lifestyle/fashion/whatever blogs. Now I just have to design a banner.

  3. says

    The 3 column set-up is great and the header is really pretty. I hear you on getting antsy and needing a style change! With the sponsorships, I’d definitely say you’re doin’ it right. The $5 spot is a good start, since I’ve been wanting to sponsor some of my favorite blogs (yours included)and I’m trying to save $$ to move (damn those security deposits), but later on I plan on getting the big one! Thank you.

  4. says

    Thanks so much for offering a super-cheap ad space. Sadly I can’t even afford that right now, but I am finally back to work (yay!), so hopefully I’ll be able to afford it soon. I think it’s really cool that you’re doing this and also a great idea for someone who is still trying to figure out what site will bring them the most traffic.