Design: VIXIN Nail Bar // Design: VIXIN Nail Bar

I haven’t shared any of my work recently, so here’s the latest to be pushed out of the nest: VIXIN Nail Bar. I really love how this site turned out – dark, minimalist and a little sexy. This is one of the largest sites I’ve done. – lots and lots of pages, content, photos, menus, slideshows. I even had to figure out how to translate the entire thing into French! (Answer:

Currently on my plate, a redesign for a law firm, a cookie company and the brilliant GenPink :)

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    Ooh I love that black/yellow design. Very clean and simple style, too. I love it!

    I’ve been taking web design classes this year in design school, so I’m curious what software you use to make your sites? We learned DreamWeaver last term and are learning WordPress this term. Do you find that one works better than the other or is it really just a preference?

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      Hey Jennifer – I really only use Dreamweaver to find & replace repeated items in code – like if I’m changing a color or a font. I haven’t used Dreamweaver to build an entire site in probably 10 years and I’m actually surprised to hear they still teach it. I code all my sites right in WordPress. I have two test sites where I build the site and then download the template for the client. Unless you’re creating only one or two static pages, building in/for a CMS is the way to go.

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    Hey Sarah!
    Thanks for the gorgeous website. Yes it was lots of work but I loved the chemistry between us. You really understood what I wanted and I LOVE the result! A lot of people did…

    I will always recommend you…


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