How to just keep going // How to just keep going

It’s always been my motto and something I tell myself at least once a week. Just keep going. When my day is not going well, I’m in a crap mood, I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m overwhelmed, overworked, my plate is way too full, my muscles are too sore. I remind myself to keep going.

Sometimes there’s nothing else you can do. Take your day one tiny piece at a time. Work through the things that are most important. Let slide what can wait for another day. Give yourself a break, be gentle with yourself and everyone you come into contact with. Treat yourself just a little – 30 minutes in the bath, a scoop of ice cream, a cheesy TV show, one fancy drink at the bar, a walk in the park, a new book.

Workout, stay in, ignore my emails for a night.

If everything seems to be falling apart it’s not helpful to rush through it. Move slow, one thing at a time, just keep going.

(I’m not currently having a rough time, but this post has been in my drafts for a bit and I’m sure there’s someone who needs to read this right now)

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    I think this relevant for me almost all the time. Even if I’m not having a tough time or bad day, it’s good to remember to just let the chips fall where they may and keep moving. I think I forget that sometimes and that’s when my days/mood/life feels like it’s absolutely horrible.

    Thank for the reminder, Sarah!

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    Thank you for another absolutely inspiring post. One step at a time is a motto that helps me keep going, don’t keep staring at the overwhelming whole, take the smallest piece you can manage and work on it… then the next, then the next… often the momentum is enough to carry you on.

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