Favorite Fonts

I have album after album filled with fonts I love, but I just don’t have enough projects to use them all. I thought I’d share my favorites with you and maybe a few of them will get a little internet love :)

SillyGrrl.com // Favorite Fonts

Metroscript / Patrick Hand / Baronessa / Sherbet BF / Grand Hotel / Canterbury Sans Light

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blogging bandwagon post. I was a little unsure about publishing that, but I can see I’m not the only one wondering why the blogosphere has gotten so bland! And thank you for your support of my ebook – it makes me even more excited to finish it and launch. All you peeps are making me a very happy blogger this week :)



  1. says

    Beautiful collection of fonts, are these free fonts or ones that require you buy a license? Metroscript and Baronessa are very pretty.

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