Freelance: One year since I made the escape // One year since I made the escape

It’s officially been one year since I walked into my boss’s office to tell him I was quitting my job. It was one of the most challenging and then relieving things I’ve ever done. Now a year later I can’t ever imagine going back.

I was going to write a post about dos and don’ts and tips for leaving your job, but I write about that stuff all the time, so today I just want to say that I’m happy and thankful. All the work to make it happen, the stress of being my own boss and the occasional days of “Crap! My bank account is looking sad,” they’re all worth it.

I stop at least once every single day and just think about how different my life is and how I’m in a much better place emotionally and business-wise than I was a year ago. I actually shed a few happy tears while reading comments one morning this week – sappy, but true! Writing this blog and helping all of you learn to code is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Then I get to take a break and go to job number two, teaching people to fly. Three different students this week have said they weren’t sure if they could do a trick and then climbed up and nailed it on the first try. That’s one of the best feelings and I get to relive it over and over through them.

So thank you again and always for your support and encouragement and cheers to year number two!

(I’m slowly coming out of ebook land and going through emails and comments, so if you’re waiting to hear from me I’ll be in touch soon!)

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  1. says

    Congratulations! I am so happy that it has gone so well for you. I’m in the phase right now where I need to either make the commitment and do it or shut up and let it die, know what I mean? It can be so scary, but reading stories from people like you are so inspiring!

  2. says

    I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again, YOU INSPIRE ME! Truly. When I come to your site, I’m either learning something useful or being encouraged to pursue my dreams. I love that you’re in a better place with life and business than you were a year ago. And it just makes me want to be there too. Thank you, and congratulations on a wonderful first year!

    • says

      Exactly that. Exactly.

      You are amazing – thank you, so much, for living your dreams and sharing them with us! Congratulations and happy anniversary! :)

  3. says

    Congratulations! That’s so fantastic that freelancing is working well for you. I might be moving in that direction (!!!) and it’s inspiring to see others who have done the same thing.
    Best of luck for year two!

  4. says

    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog since you’ve “made the escape” Sarah. Thanks for being so open and honest in your writing, and for being so helpful in your tutorial & tip posts. I’m missing your “Fix It Friday” today though! I’m stuck with a problem on my Blogger blog – my CSS isn’t working! When I go to add it in the design template advanced settings, nothing happens. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I’m using a Simple template, but I’ve made some alterations so I’m not sure if something went wrong along the way. I

  5. says

    What an inspiration. I often hear “the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner” from people who make a significant, positive life change. I’m pushing myself to go for my goals and love reading about your journey – Thank you!

  6. Amy K. says

    I’m in awe at how brave you are to leave the securty of your 9 to 5′er. Not many folks would take that leap of uncertainty. You work hard and I’m glad the benefits are paying off. Cheers!

  7. says

    One year, that’s awesome! :D It’s lovely to watch your progress and learn from someone who’s gone before. It gives me a lot of hope for my own freelance career!
    Thank you for sharing your freelance life with us!

  8. says

    It’s already been a whole year?!? Wow. I’m working towards to my leap – I have August 15th embedded in my mind, I’m hoping that my financials support the leap on that day. It’s happening so soon!!! I can’t wait to leave TV-land too :) Thanks for inspiring me to believe it’s possible.

    • says

      Write it down! I decided I would be leaving at the end of May, put it on my white board, and magically my boss decided to change my job right around then. Fully commit and the timing with end up being right :)

      • says

        Yes, I did write it down awhile ago and things seem to be falling into place. It’s coming up pretty soon, so I’ll keep you updated!

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