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My design tastes tend to switch back and forth between bold/dark and bright/cheerful, which makes running a template shop the perfect way to express myself – I never have to choose a side. I’m a huge fan of pinning interior design photos. Color palettes, patterns, texture – something always jumps out and gets me going.

What sparks creative ideas for you?

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    For me, when i flip through magazines, or see photos of interesting places I’ve never been to it makes me get this creative craving and then i just want paint, create things or redecorate the house.
    I’m by no means an artist, but i can appreciate art ;)

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    Pinterest is very inspiring for me, though I have to watch out not to get caught up for too long, then it tends to get draining. I like observing colours and patterns when I’m out and about, there’s so much beautiful stuff all around if we care to look. Doodling around with my Copic Markers also often sparks interesting colour combos.