Blog Love // Piglet and new shoes

Happy Sunday! The weather has been super hot and sunny (yay Michigan!) so I’ve been working from in my office all week. Slayer is not pleased with this decision and whines for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep every time. Friday night I went on a date, drank a little bit too much, saw a metal/screamo band that practically melted my face with their awesomeness. Saturday I taught an aerial class (my students are seriously getting good!), spent the afternoon watching Friday Night Lights and playing Candy Crush (addicted and stuck on level 45 for about three days now >_<) and then met one of my Weird Sisters for a show downtown. Today I’m gonna head over to my parent’s house to swim and refrain from working or checking email!

This list of the best art and design documentaries is spot on (via Sarah) >>>

I’ve been eating these no-bake cookies (no sugar, no flour) all week – I used peanut butter instead of almond butter >>>

Pretty mermaid print >>>

Hannah wrote a beautiful post about a children’s school in Uganda >>>

Love Leah’s post on when she knew she was a writer >>>

I watched this gif about 50 times: How a standard lock works >>>

Amy is launching a blogging ecourse next month >>>

Feminist make-up tutorial >>>

Wondering what’s in your dog’s food, this site has answers >>>

My ebook was included in a round-up with some pretty cool stuff >>>

More dress adventures from Cara >>>

A hotel and community space built from shipping containers >>>


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  1. Rose says

    Awww… The first link seems to link to no where :( boo.. page not found…Sounds so good though!!

    Love the dog food link! I guess I am always concerned about what I am feeding my dog! I love her to pieces and I know there is so much junk out there!

  2. says

    Duuuude I am srsly addicted to Candy Crush. I’ve been stuck on level 29 (I just started) for a couple days now. THOSE STUPID CORNER CANDIES SLAY ME.

  3. says

    Want to watch ALL those documentaries now. Especially Beauty is Embarassing, I’d forgotten I wanted to see that.
    That standard lock gif… wow. Just wow. *obsessed* How beautiful.

    Thanks for the links!

  4. says

    I love DogFoodAdvisor! I feed Daphne a rotation of 4- and 5-star kibbles like Wellness, WellnessCORE, Taste of the Wild, and Halo Spot’s Stew. When we’ve had hard times, she’s eaten Trader Joe’s wheat/corn/soy-free dry food. It really helps to know exactly what your pet is eating, because the sad truth is that most veterinary classes on pet nutrition are sponsored by Hills (makers of Science Diet and, I believe, Iam’s). Thanks for spreading the word on quality food!

  5. says

    i love that make up tutorial! “You want the wings of your eyeliner to be so sharp that they could kill a man” is my favorite part.

    sounds like you had a really awesome weekend— when the heck did you have time to compile this list?! ;-)

    • says

      That’s my favorite part too! Usually I add links to the post throughout the week, but lately it’s been a Sat/Sun morning marathon of blog reading.