10 Ways to Engage Readers & Grow Traffic Today

10 Ways to Engage Readers and Grow Traffic Today from XOSarah.com

You know that thing when you post something you worked really hard on and you think it’s so damn genius and inspiring, but the next day your comments section is all but a coconut away from a deserted island? Let’s make that stop happening. Here are my favorite 10 ways to earn a few more readers and convince them to start commenting…

1. End your post with a question

Ask readers to write about their own experiences, share advice or favorites. And don’t forget to respond to comments even if you only have time to answer questions.

2. Comment on other blogs and interact with people on Twitter

It can take as little as 10 minutes and makes a world of difference. I like checking out random Twitter followers or hopping through people’s blogrolls.

3. Tweet or share a post from a Blogger you admire

Your followers will appreciate the cool content and you might just get a retweet from someone with lots of readers.

4. Guest posts

Write a guest post for another blog or invite someone to guest post on yours. All it takes is an email to see if someone would like to participate or trade posts. Pro tip – bloggers who are going on vacation might be very happy for the extra content.

5. Promote a popular post from your archive

Lots of people liked it once and lots of people will like it again. I almost always get a few retweets when I share an archived post.

6. Write a post that solves a problem

It doesn’t have to be a step-by-step tutorial or an earth-shattering issue. I wrote about finding your individuality as a blogger and creating a style guide for your blog. Two things that annoyed me a bit, so I wrote posts on how to fix them.

7. Free stuff

Who doesn’t love something for free?? I’m not talking about a giveaway, where readers have to Tweet and share and like and Facebook. Just a little download that is super useful. Want to know a secret…my photo templates were downloaded almost 900 times. People love that stuff!

8. Give your readers a blog prompt

My post on imagining your perfect day not only got a great response, but I received lots of traffic from readers sharing the post and using the prompt to write on their own blogs.

9. Connect with your readers

Give people a way to contact you and let them know it’s cool to send you an email. I receive email from readers all the time and it not only makes my day, but it makes me seem more accessible, which makes readers feel connected and willing to participate, comment and share.

10. Check your stats

What type of posts are people commenting on, sharing, and visiting most? Write more of those!


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  1. says

    totally agree Sarah! I actually have your photo layout templates and was thinking about making my own – thanks for the reminder.
    I’m still really new to blogging and don’t feel like I know who éadaoin the blogger is yet but I do know that I’m getting there. thanks to gals like you, cheers!!

  2. says

    Can you share more tips on how to use Twitter more efficiently? I use Hootsuite for less work but I still find myself confusing on how to use it well. I’d love to hear more from you. Thanks!

  3. says

    Great tips! I recently moved my blog from blogger to WordPress, and I’ve gained loads of followers, but not many are commenting. Hopefully with these tips I can get my readers to interact with me more.

  4. says

    I think it’s difficult to come up with blogger tips that haven’t already been shared — but you did such a great job with this one. They’re a good challenge for me, and I especially like #5! I’ll go a long time in between posts when I’m feeling uninspired, and that seems like such a great way to engage new readers that maybe missed it the first time. Thanks, lady!

    • says

      Thanks Fran! I try really hard to come up with things that haven’t already been posted a million times, so that’s great to hear!