Blog Love // Duo Trapeze

Shane came to the studio this week while Irina and I were rehearsing for the student showcase and hopped up on the trapeze with me. We look super cute, but mostly I’m just amazed by how big my arm looks!

This week has been a little crazy over at the studio – launching the fall registration (new program, new system, giant relief!), helping students with their routines for the showcase and holding a free trial for our aerial classes. We had 16 new students show up – usually it’s 10 students split between the both of us so that was one crazy and packed class! Now we cross our fingers and hope they come back!

I’m off to watch some Gossip Girl and relax before the showcase tonight. I swear I’m gonna cry when those ladies get in the air and show off their skills. I’m so stinkin’ proud and excited for them!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

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  1. says

    You look so fit and happy and healthy! :) Lovely photo and that biceps is mucho impressive. I wonder which one of you would win at arm-wrestling ;)

  2. says

    You always have the coolest links to share on Sundays! I find this list particularly helpful, especially the one about blogging mistakes, and the one that lists fill-in-the-blank blog ideas!