Blog Love // Popsicle

This week was for finishing sites and starting new ones, rehearsing for two shows in Canada this weekend, eating the most amazing burger (second one since I stopped being veg, so the waiter got a blank stare when he asked me how I wanted it cooked haha), watching The Great Gatsby and The Place Beyond the Pines, a surprise visit from Shane and the kiddos (they chased Slayer in circles, he was not as pleased to see them as I was), creating a karaoke duet playlist, afternoon Piglet walks, and strawberry popsicles.

More book recommendations – two of them were already on my wishlist >>>

Increasing conversion with better copywriting >>>

Crispy sweet potato fries >>>

20 simple home decor DIYs >>>

Gif Dance Party just entertained me for way too long >>>

Opportunities look a lot like work – Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the Teen Choice awards was kinda awesome >>>

Shane bought a motorcycle, so I’ve been looking for cute helmets >>>

A stripey mermaid print >>>

5 ways to build trust with clients >>>

Ordered a copy of my favorite childhood book for the girls >>>

An ecourse to help you use that fancy camera in manual >>>


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  1. Amy K. says

    That’s the coolest, chick helmet I’ve ever seen! I would like to invite myself to these karaoke sessions when they happen ;) Ashton is surprisingly intelligent when it comes to technology… I’m curious to see his Seve Jobs performance? I may have to go see it…looks interesting.

  2. Allison says

    I always love your Blog Love Sundays! I’m looking through them now, and I have to say I loooove the 20 home decor DIYs!

  3. says

    I am not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog – but I just want to say that it is really great! I definitely look up to your blog and I love this series you do. And your coding tuts aren’t all that bad either!! Anyway – so thanks for being you and having this blog!