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This week was for installing two sites, getting back into my cardio routine (everything hurts!), shrimp tacos and homemade granola bars, covering myself in sequins and sparkles for a gold-themed party, playing pool terribly and still winning twice.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! I’m off to stick my toes in the sand and read this >>>

Add Google fonts to your WordPress site without code >>>

A Get Shit Done playlist >>>

Advice for starting a business >>>

Great post and comments on setting limits on project revisions >>>

Eight successful women who were fired >>>

Do you need a time out? >>>

How to make a toddler stop crying (so stinkin’ cute & yeah I just posted a kid-related thing on here >_<) >>>

Three lessons to learn from your childhood fantasy >>>

Add a notification bar to the top of your WordPress site >>>

28 female thinkers you should know even if Wired Magazine doesn’t >>>

I don’t have Netflix anymore, but man to I love me some documentaries >>>

Quinoa baked zucchini chips >>>

No-bake vegan cookies >>>

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  1. says

    I am a documentary ADDICT. My favourite docs on Netflix are all the food and ag industry related ones.

    Also, if you ever feel like having your heart ripped out, crying on your couch like a tiny baby girl (not that I’d know or anything..) watch Dear Zachary.

  2. says

    I love the lessons from your childhood fantasy. I recently watched a movie trailer and one line in it stuck out to me as special. It went, “Age is an abstraction, not a straitjacket.” I love that because I get so tired of age used an excuse. We can do what we want at any age, be it play video games or conquer physical feats.

    And the documentary list is fantastic! I’ve seen Imposter and Man on Wire and loved them both.