Stop waiting for something to happen before going after what you want


Next year I’ll have more time and then I can ___________.

When I save up more money I’ll _____________.

Once ________ happens then I’ll ____________.

Is this you? Did I just read your mind? Are those the voices in your head every time you think of that big shining goal you’ve been pining after?

If you’re nodding yes then we gotta talk…Why are you waiting for the right something to happen before you make a change or take the first step toward your goal?

You know you can start today, right? (I know you just thought “No I can’t” and then a million excuses flooded into your brain.)

But seriously, that stuff does not need to happen before you take a step forward. It’s never going to be the perfect time, you’ll never have enough money, or the right amount of space in your schedule. Those are excuses. They’re roadblocks you’ve created so you don’t have to dive in because diving in is scary and it might take a lot of effort and time and ughhh that sounds like a lot of work…

But if it’s really important to you, if it’s calling your name and swimming through your head every day, if you’re making notes and tentative plans, then it’s time. You don’t need to wait for that THING to happen. Put your excuses aside, stop waiting for other people, get past the stipulations and the hurdles you need to jump. Stop getting in your own way!

Get started right now. Like, right now. (I won’t even be mad if you don’t read the rest of this post.)

You know people say it’s never the right time to have kids? That applies to EVERYTHING. It’s never the right time to start a business, change careers, take a class, go on a big crazy trip. And it doesn’t matter if you start today or in 5 years – you’re going to put in a ton of effort and run into challenges either way. The only difference will be – and I guarantee…in 5 years you’re going to be kicking yourself for not starting earlier. GUARANTEE!

So, here’s how to get past those roadblocks…Write down that something currently standing in your way and what might happen if you just ignore it and go for what you want. Now, make a little escape plan for yourself should that dreaded thing happen.

Unless your escape plan involves bodily harm or the death of you or someone else, I give you permission to proceed. Yeah, just like that. Excuses gone, face forward, go after what you want.

What is that something standing in the way of what you want?

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  1. says

    Yes and yes! My husband and I decided that one of the things we want to do is travel the country in an RV full-time and self-employed. Someone once told us that maybe we should give it a year to make sure we find the right RV, that it’s something we really want to do, etc etc. We had just signed a lease for a year after deciding this and they said, “but what’s the rush?” We said, when it comes to your dreams the time is now. Take action now, not tomorrow. So we’ll do whatever it takes and sublet to get out early. People say “live like you are dying” but not all truly follow that motto. I firmly believe in it and believe in actions speak louder than words.

  2. Sabrina says

    I want to travel so much. But I can’t without money and without quitting my job. The fear of coming home and not being able to get a job/or a home, scares me the most. Specially in this time where jobs are very hard to come by (hell i have two part-time jobs because a full time is just nowhere to be seen!)

    • says

      Maybe you could start small, test the waters a little bit. You don’t always have to drop everything and jump right in. Inching toward what you want might make it a little less scary.

    • says

      See my reply I sent Corey, I can really recommend a book called “How to get what you want with the money you already have”, by Georgia Keeffe. Maybe that might help you?

  3. says

    Nothing! Earlier this year I took that leap quit my job and moved to the place I had always wanted to live. I stopped making all those excuses and I just did it, I’ve never been happier.

  4. says

    It’s so true. And once you start, it’s actually hard to stop. The universe has a funny way of making things happen once you start. After a year of really hard work, I’m gritting my teeth through my last week of corporate desk job right now and already have an internship lined up with one of my all-time fashion designers part time while I flesh out my own line.

    • says

      Hell yea – that’s awesome! As soon as you make space the universe will send all the good stuff you’ve been dreaming of. Super cheesy, but totally true.

  5. says


    I am right on the edge of really embarking on my dream of becoming a writer – getting serious about submitting to publications, buckling down and actually making it happen instead of just talking about it.

    Thanks for the push :)

    • says

      You’re welcome! Just gotta do it sometimes. Stop thinking about it – you already know what you want – send out a few letters and see what happens :)

  6. says

    I’ve been telling myself this for years now, but keep finding myself making the same excuses, or waiting for X to happen before I can Y.
    Last weekend, I went camping, and in those 3 days something happened. I told my boyf it was like my brain finally reset itself after a craptacualr last few months.
    Today is the day I stop making excuses. :)

    • says

      That’s so great to hear! I’ve done the same thing – one day I’m procrastinating and the next day I’m ready to go. Good luck!!

  7. says

    My issue is debt and not enough money coming in to pay for bills, paying down debt and travel. Which is what I want to do. Travel. For now, then, who knows. I think my problem is that I decide, alright, today’s the day and go for something and I keep doing that for a couple of days and then I fall back and then stop and then I come to another time of “OKAY, this time this is how I’m going to go for it, this will work better.” and then the cycle starts again. Basically, I try different tactics, never stick to one thing, can’t decide what is the most important and ultimately just flounce around. I am looking for someone else to give me some answers but then feel guilty for wanting them from someone else. I would say I’m trying but really there is not trying, there is just doing. So I feel like I’m managing to tread water but not really go anywhere.

    • says

      A book I found really helpful on the subject money management and debt is “How to get what you want using the money you already have” by Carol Keeffe. It’s a pretty old book, but most of the principles are equally applicable today. I love how down to earth the book is, unlike so many books on money it really gives you concrete steps to get your money under control, without confusing you with financial jargon.

      She totally encourages not living only to pay your bills, but learning to use your money in a sensible way to be able to finance your lifestyle AND live your dreams above all else.

      Totally recommend it :)

  8. says

    I wholeheartedly agree. I finally took off, because that’s what I wanted to do. go off, travel, and make a living somehow. and it’s not half as terrifying as I thought it would be. great post. thank you

  9. says

    Thanks for the kick up the butt Sarah, after hesitating for um years I’ve just ordered my first set of business cards. They are far from perfect but I’ve finally started stepping closer to my future vision! Thank you!

    Vikki x

  10. says

    I sure as hell needed this.
    Been falling down quite a lot lately, but always think “S#iiiiiiiit, can only go up from here.” a few minutes later.
    Procrastination and lack of self confidence are basically what’s keeping me from going forward.

    Procrastination & Lack of Self Confidence.

    That’s the equivelent challenge level as that game boy game “paper boy”.
    That’s also just about the two most pathetic excuses too.

    • says

      I’m with you Michaela, procrastination and lack of self confidence. I’ve got a few commissions on the go at the moment and feel like I’m on the adge of something good freelance wise, but there’s this little niggling doubt in my head that’s been freaking me out lately.
      This post has given me a good kick in the butt, which is much needed right now.
      Thanks Sarah!

  11. says

    Sarah – this has been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks so much for writing this post!
    I’m finding that my excuses are actually leading me towards that very thing I need to do, almost like they are the signposts I need to follow.

    For example, I’m waiting to lose weight and get strong before I take that aerial yoga class. BUT, that aerial yoga class is what will help me lose weight and get strong.
    I’m waiting to have more money before I start investing. BUT, investing is what will help me have more money.
    I’m waiting for more people to tell me my artwork is good enough (ugh, whateverthatmeans) before I share it with the world. BUT, sharing it is the only way that others will see it to give me that feedback.

    So now I’ve almost become grateful for my excuses, because they are the roadmap pointing me towards what I really need to do, and now I feel brave and sure about what I really, really, really want. Thanks!

    • sarah says

      This is such a great way to look at it! You’re right, all those excuses are creating a perfect roadmap for you to move forward. It sounds like to need to break your goals into baby steps – sign up for a class or two, invest a little bit of money, and show you work to a few friends. Dip a toe in the water so you can see what it’s like instead of being worried about a giant bellyflop. You’ve set some great goals, go for it!


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