Things I know I should do, but don’t I thought we’d discuss those things you know you should be doing but just can’t seem to get into the habit. You know – those things every one says you totally HAVE to do if you want to build a business, learn a skill, accomplish a goal, etc. You’ve read about how important they are over and over and yet, as much as you’d like, you can’t seem to get on board.

For me, business-wise, it’s sending out a monthly newsletter. I know, I know, I know I should be doing this. I did finally set one up after years of reading blogs and seeing it listed on every grow your business/blog article.

When I finally did I create an email list I couldn’t get in the game and actually send anything out on a regular basis. (Sorry peeps!) I want to, I like the idea of connecting with people in a space they check daily, but I don’t want to send anything unless it’s REALLY good. And so…I don’t.

Send out email newsletter has been on my calendar on the first of every month for a while and I quietly slide that note on to the next page thinking, “I’ll come up with something to write by then,” but I don’t. And the fact that I’ve signed up for multiple newsletters to see how everyone goes about it and have yet to find one that I read on a regular basis keeps me stalling.

And so, email newsletters have so far been a giant fail for me.

What’s the thing you know you should be doing, but just can’t get in the habit?

Have any of you gotten yourself out of this situation?

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    My biggest fail is not keeping on track… Apparently I’m distracted easily and need to stay off the internet. LOL. I really do waste too much time “reading” other people’s stuff.

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    I feel the exact same way about newsletters. I think, “Man, I don’t even read newsletters, yet I feel obligated to make one because everyone says every blog needs one.” I say… “Why make a newsletter if you share everything on your blog?” So just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great without a newsletter. It’s not for everyone! Take it off your to-do list and put something more worthwhile on it. ;D

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      Thanks Natalie! I think my email list is just going to be for important news now and I’m gonna get over trying to come up with more monthly content.

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    Routine writing. I really, really need to write more than I do. But I don’t. Because I am a very accomplished procrastinator.

    I haven’t gotten myself out of this situation yet, but I have grand plans for NaNoWriMo this year AND I actually have the time to be doing more, so I’m going to try to actually do more.

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    Interesting post…

    Things I should be doing… Spending more time drawing and making stuff and away from the PC (and my E-Mail) to get my creativity going more. I should also seriously tidy up my file systems.

    You know with most newsletters for some reason at some stage I get bored/overwhelmed with them anyway and just move them straigth to my newsletters folder to “read later”. And we all know when “later” rolls around…

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    Newsletters are overrated, I think. I’m subscribed to a few, but I don’t ever read them – they usually just get archived straight away. (One got sent to spam because I could not get off that list, no matter how I tried.)

    My biggest thing, currently, is not brainstorming to take my blog to the ~next level~ in terms of the direction I want it to go in. Change is hard!

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      Well I’m glad everyone is saying they subscribe, but don’t really read newsletters – that lets me off the hook a little! I look for a mega dose of inspiration when I can’t get motivated. Try watching a video or reading a book from someone doing what you aspire to and that might get you going.

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    It’s funny you mention newsletters, because I’ve seen quite a few bloggers talking about it recently (over the last month that is) and it made me wonder if there was some sort of new Social Media 101 breakthrough that went out to the Blogging Celebrities or something. You are the only one though that has come out saying “It’s not my thing (at least not right now)” and I totally think you should do what is right for you and what you envision for your followers. I signed up for a few newsletters; but honestly don’t read them. So, as far as I’m concerned there is nothing special about them. Stick with what works for you!!

    What have I been struggling with, Time and Project Management. I make lists after lists of stuff I should be doing; but never refer back to them. I finally started keeping up with my calendar again and putting EVERYTHING In there. So far so good.

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    Mine is definitely using Outlook for my task list. I’m a print girl at heart (and a publications editor so it makes sense!) I just can’t get in the swing of using online tools for tracking my to do list. The same goes for mobile phone calenders. Eek!

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    Too funny! The one thing I should be doing but never get around to is developing an actual business plan on paper. I think because I get so caught up with other things and my other jobs that my jewelry gets put to the side, I hate that!

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    Oh man, my “should do” list is a mile long. I should be taking advantage of Facebook, but I can’t get in the habit of using it. And then there’s the newsletter that I figured I should start, but like you I keep putting off.

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    My favorite one on my list is to close my amazon card. It’s been there for months. I love amazon too much but I just stopped buying after a while, but the security of knowing it’s still there “just in case” holds me from actually closing it…maybe i should do that today.

    xo Jessika

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    I don’t read newsletters when I get them. It sounds like some of your readers are the same. Maybe it’s time to take that item off of your calendar? :-)

    As for my “I should be doing this” item..
    I’ve had a box of adult stuff: insurance paperwork, medical bills (paid, of course), pay stubs, car maintenance which I should have filed back in February. Instead I put everything in a bigger box and am currently staring at it.

    I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to put it away, but in Oakland the rain just hasn’t come yet.

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    My should do is tweeting. I know I should, but I never remember to.

    I also don’t send out my newsletter. I subscribe to a few that I actually read, but if you don’t have good content, then just don’t bother.

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