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Blog Love is a day late this week because I was busy driving through Canada and along the winding roads of the Catskills to perform at a buskers festival all weekend. This photo was taken about 5 minutes before we loaded the rig into the car and then were immediately drenched by a torrential downpour. Luckily most of the equipment made it into the car dry…all of us, not so much!

Shane and I are off to wander Labor Day festivals and watch MC Hammer perform tonight (YES, really!). If you’ve got some time off today I’ve got a few links to keep you entertained…

DIY: hair tie chain bracelet – gonna make these – I can never find bracelets that fit my wrists! >>>

S’mores pancakes >>>

A smarty-pants way to make polka-dot makeup brushes >>>

Corina wrote about having a balanced freelance life >>>

Another reason to not go wild with all those tags >>>

How to use a foam roller – definitely need one of those for me sore muscles! >>>

What to say when someone says they can’t afford you right now >>>

Tracey made the cutest video of her vacation with a bunch of friends >>>

Movies to get you motivated >>>

17 pieces of biz advice you should have gotten a long time ago >>>

Inspiring video time (hope you weren’t planning to get anything done today…) (via Sarah) >>>

Currently reading: Gone Girl (finally!) >>>


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    That 17 biz tips is gold. Subscribed to that website in a second :)

    When I saw your instagram about the downpour, I thought I recognised you were in the Catskills! I loved, loved, loved upstate NY when I visited, and Phoenicia and Dolgeville were two of my faves.