New Client & Template Designs

I’ve been working away all month and realized I haven’t shared any of my recent work. I’ve hit the client jackpot lately, which doesn’t always happen, but I’ve gotten really lucky with my last few. A couple of inspiring, hardworking small business owners and a travel blogger posting enough delicious delicacies to make your mouth water.

Vintage-inspired slips from clothing designer Kris Ferris +


Local gym for earning big muscles and a badge in badassery +


Logo and some css styling for travel and food blog Far & Wise +


I’ve also added a few new Blogger and WordPress template to my Etsy shop…


Creamsicle for self-hosted WordPress


Stella Baby for self-hosted WordPress
(this one comes with 15 background options in green, gray and coral!)

If you’re interested in a custom blog or website design – I can help! Head over to my portfolio for more info >>> And I’m always open to template suggestions so if there’s something you’d like to see in the shop feel free to leave a comment.


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