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This week was for a sunny cider mill date, walking in the woods hunting for snake holes, snuggly kiddos, showering and leaving the house only for last call, working on my biceps, not eating fast food even though I reaaaally wanted to, Breaking Bad breaking my heart (not surprised by the beginning, the end made me cry), super late nights, finally getting my face all the way to the floor in a seated straddle, a Forever 21 online shopping spree (totally ordered this), restaurant openings and ordering everything on the menu, fancy drinks, getting caught walking in the rain, and a little red dress.

Three ways to keep commitments even when life gets in the way (via Erin) >>>

11 reasons people ignore your emails >>>

The habits of supremely happy people >>>

Shell shared how she quit her day job >>>

Siobhan looks back on her first year of self-employment (via Bobbi) >>>

27 food hacks (some of these blew my mind just a little) >>>

Change your money story >>>

Louis C.K. is brilliant as usual >>>

Also brilliant, Susannah Conway talking about aging >>>

What are your road trip essentials? >>>

5 ways to improve hand strength for aerial arts >>>

Allie wrote about finding clients >>>

I can totally moonwalk, but if you can’t, check out number 5 >>>

How to become a blog commenting superstar (via Liz) >>>

Unreasonable clients: Who gets your best work? >>>

An interview with Alexandra Franzen >>>

A cool DIY for a planter made out of a chimney >>>

What was your most popular post in the last month and why did it succeed? >>>

7 ways to grow your email list >>>

How to keep your focus while working freelance >>>

Love these treasuries…too early to start Christmas shopping? >>>

Samantha posted a few more things you should stop putting on your blog >>>

Currently reading: The Scorch Trials (and so excited this series is being made into a movie!) >>>


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    Wow, it’s a bumper issue of blog love! Thanks for sharing so many great links as usual, and double thanks for featuring my post amongst them :D

  2. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Well I had to stop by and thank you so very much for including Harleena’s guest post over on my blog about how to become a blog commenting superstar. If anyone wants to know how to do that, she shares all her tips with my readers.

    Love your blog and love this list. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my guest post at Adrienne’s blog here – much appreciated indeed :)

    I guess if we didn’t have comments, how’d we ever interact and connect with each other, isn’t it? Nice list of awesome posts as well. Great being over at your blog as well :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)


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