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This week was for learning new lyra tricks, working on forearm stands, sunny warm days (I forget how much I love late summer/early fall), late-night runs for ice cream and wine, watching the Beyonce doc (so good!), still hating Breaking Bad, launching a client site, adding new kids classes to our schedule, and romantic dates to Sonic.

Here are my favorite posts from this week!

Once my hair grows a bit more this is gonna be one of my staples for teaching aerial >>>

Switches from free weights to resistance bands – loving this set than Mandy lent me, much easier to carry around! >>>

Here, have some chills (good ones :) >>>

Six words to make someone feel super special >>>

DIY: Halloween horns >>>

Jessie has been sharing photos from Zanzibar >>>

Homemade nutter butters >>>

17 ways to be proud of yourself in a year >>>

The habits of successful people: They start before they feel ready >>>

This makes me so happy – love Jimmy Fallon! >>>

Butter nut squash stuffed shells >>>

DIY: How to make a t-shirt rug >>>

Peanut butter oatmeal cookie no-bake bars >>>

Finished the last book in The Maze Runner series – pretty happy with how it ended & stoked for the movie >>>

Now I’m reading Wool (also being made into a movie – woohoo!) >>>


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