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This week was for rehearsals that now end with vacuuming a million tiny feathers all over the studio, sore everything, weather smelling like fall but feeling like summer, motorcycle dates, baking banana bread, ending my massive hunt for new boots (got these on mega sale), Taco Bell for breakfast, personal/business drama that I’m not stoked to be dealing with & Shane giving me amazing advice, working on a routine with one of my adorable 8-year-old students, and new jeans that actually fit!

A video about happiness. Got about 2:30 in before I totally burst into tears haha >>>

And if you’re not already in the habit, here’s my favorite gratitude app >>>

Three beliefs to transform your work-life balance >>>

A bunch of freelancers and entrepreneurs share the conventionally stupid thing they did that helped them succeed (and hey, I’m on the list too!) >>>

Cute skirt DIY with natural dye and fabric paint >>>

What problems are you solving? How artists think like entrepreneurs >>>

How to make coconut milk >>>

Mindy Kaling response to all the questions about her confidence >>>

21 reasons Hocus Pocus is the best part of Halloween (via Mandi) >>>

An interview with one of my fave bloggers. Love her 4-step plan for combating overwhelm >>>

My sponsor Mercantile 519 just opened their knitwear shop – check it out >>>

I started watching Orange is the New Black and the first episode made me cry >>>

Currently reading Wool >>>


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  1. says

    Thanks for the love Sarah and for sharing your conventionally “stupid” thing in my post! I got such great feedback from the stories and I think it’s such an important thing for aspiring freelancers and solo-preneurs to hear!

  2. says

    Love the roundup this week!

    Also, been meaning to say thank you for the design critique on Fix-it Friday a couple weeks ago! Appreciate it :)