20 Things to do when business is slow

20 things to do when business is slow from XOSarah.com

The dreaded lull in business. While it can be a little scary, it’s also the perfect time to catch up on those low priority to-do list items, things you’ve been putting off, or take some time out for yourself. Instead of moping, whining, and panicking, here are 20 ways to stay motivated and continue working…

1. Collect testimonials and rave reviews from past clients to add to your site
2. Find someone to collaborate with
3. Email past clients and see if they need anything updated
4. Find a new role model or source of daily inspiration
5. Write blog posts for the future (you’ve got an editorial calendar, right?)
6. Add seo-friendly titles and descriptions to posts and photos
7. Do pro-bono work
8. Revamp marketing materials, contracts, client forms
9. Take a class or read a book to improve your work
10. If you’re feeling bummed, write a list of all that you’ve accomplished in the past year
11. Organize your spreadsheets – you’ll be pleased you did so at tax time!
12. Update and improve popular posts from your archive
13. Clean out and organize your inbox
14. Expand your product line
15. Create a passive income stream (downloads, ebooks, etc)
16. Start a new blog post series – include guest posts from other people in your field
17. Teach a class or workshop on doing what you do
18. Create a plan for the next month or year
19. Work on a project just for yourself
20. Enjoy the time off and take a break!


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  1. says

    Awesome list! Just what I needed. I have been improving my workspace and sorting out my evernote notebooks cause I’m in the midst of a business dry spell, so these tips will help me a lot!!

  2. says

    A lull in business is the perfect time to focus on those “important, but not urgent” things that often get pushed to the bottom of the pile! I’m printing out this list to add to my inspiration bulletin board for the next time things get slow. Thanks Sarah!

  3. says

    Saving these for sure! I keep a list of personal projects i’d like to get done, and I jump to that when I have a break in client work. It’s really refreshing after not having a break for awhile :)


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